Hobby UV Compact Jungle 4 % UV-B

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The perfect energy saving lamp for rain forest terrariums and savannah terrariums: HOBBY UV COMPACT JUNGLE 4 % UV-B! For a UV compact lamp incredibly good light properties.

Only suitable for additional supply (UV/heat) for pets. This illuminant is not suitable for room lighting in the household.

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  • Der geniale Allrounder unter den UV-B-Kompaktlampen für das Terrarium
  • 7200 K Farbtemperatur, 650 lm Lichtleistung
  • Nur 23 Watt Leistungsaufnahme - geringe Betriebskosten, lange Lebensdauer
  • Hochwertige Verarbeitung dank echter Qualitätsfertigung
  • Speziell für Dschungel-Bewohner mit mittlerem UV-B Bedarf

Hobby UV Compact Jungle 4 % UV-B

If you own a tropical rainforest terrarium or a savannah terrarium, this energy-saving lamp is a real alternative for terrarium lighting. The Hobby UV Compact Jungle 4 % UV-B is a high-quality terrarium lamp, which knows how to convince with its wide range of applications. The Hobby UV Compact Jungle 4 % UV-B compact lamp serves as an additional UV source for snakes, chameleons, geckos and other reptiles. The Hobby UV Compact Jungle 4 % UV-B is rightly called an energy-saving lamp because, despite a power consumption of only 23 watts, the Hobby UV Compact Jungle 4 % UV-B has an output of 4 % UV-B and 30 % UV-A - impressive values which can normally only be provided by terrarium UV lamps with considerably higher power consumption. In addition, the Hobby UV Compact Jungle 4 % UV-B differs markedly from cheap UV compact lamps, not least in terms of the actual UV output. While the supposedly cheap UV compact lamps for the terrarium area usually suffer from a drastic drop in UV output after only a few weeks of operation, the Hobby UV Compact Jungle 4 % UV-B is unshakeable here and shows a multiple of the service life. For this reason alone, the investment in this high-quality UV compact lamp would be worthwhile, but the Hobby UV Compact Jungle 4 % UV-B has a lot more to offer.

As far as the importance of UV irradiation for terrarium animals is concerned, we probably don't have to explain much here. Many reptiles are simply dependent on it! While UV-B radiation is responsible for vitamin D3 synthesis - sufficient calcium storage is necessary for the healthy development of reptile bones and to prevent malformations of the turtle shell - and numerous metabolic disorders are prevented, UV-A radiation is responsible for the general well-being of reptiles. It also increases the appetite of reptiles and stimulates their reproductive behaviour. But not only the UV-A and UV-B values must be correct. Also the conventional daylight plays a role and here the Hobby UV Compact Jungle 4 % UV-B is clearly superior to many conventional energy saving lamps for terrariums. The values in the visible light range are indeed impressive. The Hobby UV Compact Jungle 4 % UV-B creates a healthy and especially for reptiles optimized light spectrum and outstanding values for color rendering and color temperature. 83 rm on the color rendering index and a light temperature of 7200 K speak a clear language and are never reached by cheap UV compact lamps. By using the Hobby UV Compact Jungle 4 % UV-B you get a completely natural light that lets reptiles shine in their most beautiful colours. The light output is also convincing: with 6500 lm, the Hobby UV Compact Jungle 4 % UV-B is in the upper class of energy-saving lamps for terrariums. In addition, there is the high processing standard of the Hobby UV Compact Jungle 4 % UV-B, which allows a long service life to be "felt" even when unpacked, and the fact that the Hobby UV Compact Jungle 4 % UV-B terrarium lamp does not require a ballast, as this is already installed. This means: Unpack the compact lamp, screw it into a conventional E27 socket and you have the ideal basic lighting in your terrarium!

Of course, if you keep reptiles with a high need for UV-A and UV-B radiation, you need to ensure an appropriate combination with other terrarium bulbs. Despite all the outstanding performance data, the Hobby UV Compact Jungle 4 % UV-B is still a compact lamp and cannot be used alone in terrariums of medium size and larger. The combination with a UV surface emitter is recommended here, which "takes care" of the correct UV dose and at the same time provides warmth, while the Hobby UV Compact Jungle 4 % UV-B takes over the part of the basic supply with the necessary daylight.

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