Hobby Turtle Clear Liquid - 100 % natural water purifier

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  • Content: 250milliliter

Ingeniously effective, 100% natural: HOBBY TURTLE CLEAR LIQUID! Biological water conditioner for aquaterrarium and paludarium.

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  • Wirkt sofort zuverlässig gegen Verschmutzungen und Gerüche
  • Mit positiven Mikroorganismen, ohne chemische Zusätze
  • Zur Aufbereitung von bis zu 200 Litern Wasser
  • Unproblematisch für alle Terrarientiere und Fische

Hobby Turtle Clear Liquid - 100 % natural water purifier for aquaterrarium (paludarium) and aquarium

Especially when keeping water turtles or other amphibian reptiles, the water pollution can be quite considerable and a healthy climate in the aquaterrarium (paludarium) or aquarium can soon no longer be spoken of. No good conditions for the development of terrarium animals, amphibians or fish - the accompanying smell does its part to worsen the situation. Often pure chemistry is used in such moments, always to the detriment of the inhabitants of aquaterrarium (paludarium) or aquarium. It doesn't have to be! It's so natural and clean, you'll be surprised.

Hobby Turtle Clear Liquid is not only one of the best water purifiers for aquaterrariums (paludariums) and aquariums - it is also completely free of chemicals and toxic substances. Hobby Turtle Clear Liquid is based on the effective action of positive microorganisms, as they also occur in nature - e.g. in ponds or lakes. These little helpers do the dirty work in the aquaterrarium (paludarium) and ensure that the natural balance in the water is restored. These microorganisms are absolute specialists in the removal of substances that have not lost anything in the water and that lead to the formation of bacteria: dead plant remains, excrements of terrarium animals or fish and remains of feed. Hobby Turtle Clear Liquid puts an end to it! This ingenious, liquid water cleaner ensures cleanliness in the aquaterrarium (paludarium) and ensures that no more unpleasant odours can develop - 100% biologically clean water without any chemical additives.

In contrast to its "sister product" Hobby Turtle Clear Granulate you can add Hobby Turtle Clear Liquid directly into the terrarium water. The positive microorganisms immediately start their work and you will quickly notice the difference. If you want to guarantee the high cleaning performance of Hobby Turtle Clear Liquid permanently, repeat the application of the liquid water purifier in the aquaterrarium (paludarium) once a week. So the water always stays fresh and healthy for your turtles or other inhabitants and smells are a thing of the past.

Contents: 250 ml Hobby Turtle Clear Liquid for the treatment of 200 litres of water

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