Hobby Turtle Clear Granulat - Water Purifier for Aquaterrarium and Paludarium

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  • Manufacturer: Hobby Terraristik
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  • Article no.: RK0961
  • Content: 150gram

Clean water in a healthy way: HOBBY TURTLE CLEAR GRANULES! Purely biological water conditioner for aquaterrariums and paludariums.

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  • Entfernt Verschmutzungen und Gerüche zuverlässig
  • Sauberkeit im Aquaterrarium und Paludarium ohne Chemie
  • Zur Aufbereitung von bis zu 250 Litern Wasser
  • Verträglich für alle Terrarientiere und Fische

Hobby Turtle Clear Granulate - 100 % clean water in the aquaterrarium (paludarium) without chemistry

All owners of aquaterrariums (paludariums) or aquariums know the problem. The water is hardly freshly changed and already the first turbidities appear again and unpleasant smells are not long in coming. The excrements of our terrarium animals or those of the fish pollute the water just as much as rotting plant remains or the remnants of feed. Has no herb grown on the other hand? You bet! You should never resort to the chemical club, but use natural cleaners to protect your protégés in the aquaterrarium (paludarium) from harmful substances.

An ingenious and completely natural solution is the Hobby Turtle Clear Granulate. This ingenious water purifier fights water contaminations, as they are the order of the day in the aquaterrarium (paludarium), in a completely natural way. Hobby Turtle Clear Granulate makes use of the power of positive microorganisms that stabilise the natural balance in the water and ensure lasting clean water in the aquaterrarium (paludarium). For all terrarium animals and fish, Hobby Turtle Clear Granulate is completely unthinkable and 100% safe. Hobby Turtle Clear Granulate does not require chemical additives and uses the same biological aids that ensure cleanliness in ponds and lakes. The use of Hobby Turtle Clear Granulate is very simple: Simply pour the Hobby Turtle Clear Granulate onto the bottom of the aquaterrarium (paludarium) and/or place some granulate between two layers of filter floss in the water filter. The positive microorganisms are then evenly distributed in the water and immediately take up the work. You will immediately notice the difference: The water in the aquaterrarium (paludarium) remains clear and clean for much longer and the unpleasant smell is quickly no longer an issue. Keepers of water turtles in particular should be able to breathe a sigh of relief, as water turtles pollute the water in the aquaterrarium (paludarium) very strongly with their excreta. Those who use Hobby Turtle Clear Granulate give their terrarium animals what they need for healthy development: clean and biologically 100% perfect water in the aquaterrarium (paludarium). Repeat the application of Hobby Turtle Clear Granulate approx. every 4 weeks - this guarantees a consistently high water quality!

Contents: 150 gram Hobby Turtle Clear Granules - sufficient for biological treatment of 300 liters of water

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