Hobby Trickle Bark drip drinkers

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Drip drinkers in a special design: HOBBY TRICKLE BARK! Ideal for stimulating drinking behaviour.

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  • Tropftränke in genialem Rindendesign
  • Durch Saugnapf bombenfester Halt
  • Funktionell und langlebig
  • Schnell und einfach zu reinigen

Hobby Trickle Bark - the functional drip drinker with a beautiful bark look

Various reptiles are considered "difficult drinkers" by their owners. This is because chameleons, for example, would never drink standing water in nature. With a little trick you can make sure in the terrarium that also such reptiles absorb enough drinking water. A drip drinker works wonders here, and the Hobby Trickle Bark drip drinker is even more decorative, because its bark look fits into almost any terrarium environment. For terrarium animals, Trickle Bark drip drinkers are not a foreign body, but simply a part of their environment.

With a simple and very robust valve, you can adjust the dripping performance of the Hobby Trickle Barks exactly to the individual needs of your terrarium protectionists. For example, you can let water droplets splash on a large leaf in the terrarium, which quickly stimulates even really problematic deniers to absorb water. By the way, the drip trough is particularly easy to install in the terrarium, because Hobby Trickle Bark is equipped with a high-performance suction cup. In addition, the drinking trough is a very hygienic matter. Hobby Trickle Bark was made of pollution-free plastic that can be cleaned quickly and easily. Altogether simply a successful, robust drip drinker, which can also convince optically.

The Hobby Trickle Bark drip drinker holds 300 ml of liquid and has the following dimensions: 12 cm x 8 cm x 16 cm (WxDxH).

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