Hobby thermometer and hygrometer in a set

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  • Manufacturer: Hobby Terraristik
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Precise measuring instruments in a double pack: HOBBY THERMOMETER AND HYGROMETER IN A SET! Self-adhesive analogue hygrometer and thermometer for terrariums.

25,03 Instead of RRP 9,99 €, now only 7,49 incl. 19 % VAT plus shipping costs
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  • Selbstklebendes Thermometer und Hygromter für Terrarien
  • Temperatur und Luftfeuchtigkeit werden präzise angezeigt
  • Gut ablesbar dank spezieller farblicher Skalierung
  • Preiswerter kann Messtechnik im Terrarium nicht sein

Hobby thermometers and hygrometers for terrariums in a cheap set

A thermometer and a hygrometer for terrariums in a super-cheap double pack? This is exactly what the Hobby Thermometer and Hygrometer in a set allows you to do. You receive the proven terrarium hygrometer together with the terrarium thermometer from Hobby at a favourable set price. Of course with all the advantages you can expect from measuring instruments for terrariums today. Both the thermometer and the hygrometer are equipped with a self-adhesive back. This facilitates the mounting on the terrarium enormously. Simply glue the instruments to the back or side wall of the terrarium. It is even possible to mount it on climbing frames.

Thanks to the colour classification you have all measured values of humidity and temperature in your terrarium in view. Precise control of the terrarium climate is therefore no problem - temperature and humidity are the most important climatic factors when it comes to keeping reptiles in species-appropriate conditions. You should never rely on estimates, but on precise thermometers and hygrometers that work reliably. Of course, these measuring instruments offer both. All the more pleasing is the small price for which you get the Hobby Thermometer and the Hygrometer in a set.

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