Hobby Terrarium Hygrometer analogue

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Simply ingenious: HOBBY HYGROMETER ANALOGUE! Self-adhesive hygrometer for terrariums that precisely displays the current humidity.

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  • Selbstklebend für einfache Montage
  • Farbliche Skala erleichtert die Ablesung
  • Hohe Genauigkeit
  • Für alle Typen von Terrarien und alle Arten von Reptilien

The practical, inexpensive terrarium hygrometer for reptile husbandry

The terrarium hygrometer from Hobby fulfills all wishes that a terrarium keeper can have for monitoring the humidity in the terrarium. This terrarium hygrometer can be read at a glance, even when passing by, thanks to its colour scale. The installation of the Hobby Hygrometer for terrariums is also child's play. Thanks to the self-adhesive backing, it can be easily attached to glass, wood or even furnishings. Of course the hygrometer is precise enough to set the right humidity for your reptiles despite its reasonable price.

An accurate measurement of the humidity in the terrarium is vital for the well-being of reptiles. Terrariums should therefore always be equipped with at least two hygrometers which measure the current humidity in the humid zone and in the drier area of the terrarium. So you can be sure to build the right moisture gradient for your reptiles in the terrarium.

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