Hobby Terrano Terrariums Moss

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For a perfect climate: HOBBY TERRANO TERRARIEN MOSS! Especially suitable for tropical humid terrariums.

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  • Speichert Feuchtigkeit in tropischen Terrarien
  • Ohne chemische Zusätze
  • Vermeidet effektiv die Bildung von Schimmel im Terrarium
  • Perfekt zur Gestaltung von Feuchtzonen im Terrarium

Hobby Terrano Terrarien Moos - ideal for wet areas in terrariums

Many reptiles such as forest dwellers or many snake species need a dark, moist corner in the terrarium where they can retreat. The Hobby Terrano Terrarien Moos is the means of choice when designing a wet terrarium area. The terrarium moss is a pure natural product. This means that the substrate is completely colorless and free of parasites. Due to the moss specific moisture storage, mould formation and fungal infestation are practically excluded. In addition, the moist moss has a positive effect on the terrarium climate by increasing the humidity. You can make the terrarium especially interesting if you equip a cave like the Exo Terra Reptile Cave with the hobby Terrano Terrarien Moos. There reptiles especially like to seek refuge and hide especially in the moulting phase in the wet hobby Terrano Terrarium Moss. With 1.5 litres of terrarium moss, there are many design possibilities inside and outside caves in the terrarium.

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