Hobby Terrano Terra Terrarium Earth

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It is hard to imagine the terrarium without it: The HOBBY TERRANO TERRA TERRARIENERDE! Best quality for all wet terrariums.

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  • Ideal für feuchte oder halbfeuchte Terrarien
  • Bindet effektiv Ausscheidungen und Gerüche
  • Eignet sich für Reptilien ideal zum Buddeln und Eingraben
  • Dank besonderer Struktur praktisch staubfrei - auch in trockenem Zustand
  • Auch für Spinnen bestens geeignet

Hobby Terrano Terra terrarium soil - substrate for wet terrariums

The Hobby Terrano Terra terrarium soil is completely mixed for you. The Hobby Terrano Terra terrarium soil is probably the best product you can find on the market in humid and semi-humid terrariums - our reptile cosmos tests have shown this in various terrariums, both humid and semi-humid. Due to its special structure, the Hobby Terrano Terra terrarium clay is particularly absorbent and can therefore store the moisture that is so important; without the formation of mould! That is why reptiles that inhabit forest and rainforest areas prefer the hobby Terrano Terra terrarium soil. In addition, this special terrarium floor binds the reptiles' excrements. With this property, the substrate actively contributes to terrarium hygiene in two ways: firstly, the excreta cannot be dragged through the entire terrarium so easily and secondly, the excreta is easier to locate and therefore easier to remove by the terrarium keeper. Of course, this does not mean that a necessary complete replacement of the substrate is not necessary from time to time - but it becomes much rarer.

The Hobby Terrano Terra terrarium soil has even more advantages: Over time, the moistened, special terrarium soil in the terrarium compacts and gradually becomes the ideal graveable substrate for reptiles. At the same time, odours are effectively bound despite the moisture. Of course the Hobby Terrano Terra terrarium soil is completely dust-free and therefore especially suitable for Anolis sp., Takydromus sp., Gecko sp., Pandinus sp. and turtles. Choose from our three different sizes depending on the size of the terrarium and the basic ground requirements!

Are you a spider holder? Then this is important to you:

This terrarium soil is excellent for arachnids. As with any litter that contains fibrous components (including all terrarium soils and humus brick litter), it is very important never to let it dry completely. When dried out, individual fibres can get into the sensitive respiratory organs of spiders and clog them. Therefore, for the benefit of your spiders, please make sure that the substrate in the spider terrarium is always slightly moist.


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