Hobby Terrano Desert sand

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From nature to the terrarium: HOBBY TERRANO DESERT SAND! Formable desert sand with clay content.

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  • Lehmanteil in der roten Variante sorgt für Stabilität von Höhlen
  • In drei natürlichen Farben
  • Arm an Staub und frei von chemischen Farbzusätzen
  • Stimuliert die natürliche Grabaktivität von Reptilien

Hobby Terrano desert sand - stimulates the natural behaviour of reptiles

Every terrarium with a dry climate benefits from the hobby Terrano desert sand. Not only is its nature-identical design a benefit for terrarium optics, but reptiles also benefit from this natural product. In this way, the natural substrate stimulates the grave activity of your reptiles. Due to an ideal mixture of desert sand and natural clay, the red version of the Hobby Terrano desert sand is not only easy to dig through, but can also be modelled! If the hobby Terrano desert sand is moistened in red, the reptiles can dig tunnels and caves that remain and do not collapse again. The Hobby Terrano desert sand is even ideal for laying eggs.

Lizards, geckos and many other reptiles are stimulated in their natural behaviour, which is healthy for the animals and interesting for humans to observe. And all of this, of course, with as little dust formation as possible. Hobby Terrano desert sand is low in dust and completely free of chemical paint additives. Nevertheless, with this substrate you do not have to do without a choice, but can choose between the three colours white, red or nature. In this offer you get 5 kilos of Hobby Terrano desert sand. This amount is sufficient to fill a base area of about 30 x 40 cm; this area gives the reptiles the opportunity to dig a large trench and at the same time reliably absorbs excrements. Please also note our special offer: The Hobby Terrano desert sand 25 kg savings package!

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