Hobby Terrano Clean Floor conditioner

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Final end to waste products in the terrarium floor: HOBBY TERRANO CLEAN FLOOR CONDITIONER! Reliably eliminates toxins in the terrarium.

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  • Verhindert Bakterienbildung im Bodengrund
  • Rein biologische Wirkungsweise ohne Chemikalien
  • 125 Gramm reichen für ca. 100 Liter Bodengrund
  • Vom Reptilienkosmos selbst geprüft und für gut befunden

Hobby Terrano Clean floor conditioner - against bacteria formation in the terrarium

The Hobby Terrano Clean floor conditioner has been used in livestock farming for years and has finally found its way into the terrarium. The soil conditioner neutralizes reptile excrements and this purely biologically! Excrements contain poisonous and non-recyclable residues which can severely upset the biological equilibrium of the substrate. This is where the hobby Terrano Clean conditioner for terrarium floors comes into play: the soil conditioner binds organic pollutants and putrefactive products. In a completely natural way you not only get rid of microbial sources of danger for your reptiles, but also eliminate unpleasant odours! Hardly necessary to mention that with the Hobby Terrano Clean you make a big contribution to terrarium hygiene. The risk of infections and other diseases is greatly reduced if the substrate is clean and, last but not least, the soil conditioner is also simply practical: you have to change the substrate in the terrarium less frequently. This not only saves time and effort, but also money! And in the long term, because the 125 g content is sufficient for approx. 100 litres of substrate.

The Hobby Terrano Clean floor conditioner is suitable for any surface. Whether sand, bark products such as our Repti Bark and Jungle Earth or even humus bricks and specially mixed terrarium soil - simply mix the Hobby Terrano Clean soil conditioner under the substrate according to instructions and the rest is done by the conditioner itself! We can confirm this, because we put the test to the test: Our smelly test terrarium was completely neutral again after a few days and smelled of nothing but fresh air.

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