Hobby Terrano Calcium substrate

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Proven substrate for reptiles and at the same time a valuable source of calcium: HOBBY TERRANO CALCIUM SUBSTRATE! For perfect terrarium hygiene.

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  • Hoher Kalziumanteil im Einstreu
  • Gesundheitsförderend und sehr leicht zu verdauen
  • Kalzium wird vom Körper aufgenommen und zum Knochenbau genutzt
  • Effektiv gegen Verunreinigungen und Gerüche im Terrarium

Hobby Terrano Calcium Substrate - especially calcium-rich bedding for terrariums

With our hobby Terrano Calcium Ground you don't have to worry when reptiles eat the litter in the terrarium. Reptiles tend to use the ground, often quite consciously. In the wild it is used to absorb minerals that are abundant in the soil. In the terrarium, however, this behavior can lead to problems, as common terrarium substrates could cause blockages or injuries in the digestive tract. In contrast to other substrates, this behaviour is absolutely harmless for Terrano Calcium Substrate. The Hobby Terrano Calcium substrate is easily digestible and fine-grained, so it can not cause constipation or internal injuries. Even better: the Terrano Calcium substrate strengthens the bone structure of the animals, as the calcium contained can be completely absorbed and utilized by the organism. This is possible because the Terrano calcium substrate is 100% organic and therefore the substrate is not excreted as "foreign material" by the reptile body.

You receive the Hobby Terrano Calcium Ground in an advantageous 5 kg package. These 5 kg are sufficient for a base area of approx. 30 x 40 cm. The fill level is appropriate for this area to absorb excrements well and to give reptiles the opportunity to dig. And because we know that the appearance is not unimportant either, we offer you Terrano Calcium Base in the colours Curry/Ochre, Natural or Red. Choose the right colour depending on the terrarium equipment or your personal taste!

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