Hobby Terra Timer Pro, timer for terrariums

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Flexible, reliable and ingenious: HOBBY TERRA TIMER PRO! The flexible timer for all terrariums - with an incredible variety of functions.

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  • Terrarien-Zeitschaltuhr mit 3.500 (!) Watt Schaltleistung
  • 9 (!) verschiedene Schaltzeiten mit einfacher Programmierung
  • Mit übersichtlichem LCD-Display ausgestattet
  • Integrierte Kindersicherung und Akku gegen Datenverlust bei Stromausfall
  • Top-Terrarien-Zeitschaltuhr zum absoluten Niedrigpreis

Hobby Terra Timer Pro - efficient timer, specially designed for terrarium use

A timer has to meet many requirements when it comes to the reliable control of terrarium processes. Conventional time switches are simply not enough here. The Hobby Terra Timer Pro starts right here and you won't want to miss this terrarium timer anymore, because the Hobby Terra Timer Pro is a true masterpiece in terms of versatility, flexibility and reliability. Reliability is also the keyword here, because with the Hobby Terra Timer Pro you succeed effortlessly in programming all the devices without which a species-appropriate reptile husbandry is simply not possible! With the Hobby Terra Timer Pro you definitely have everything under control: terrarium lighting, heating elements such as heating mats, heating cables, substrate heating or radiant heaters, terrarium fans, humidifiers, sprinkler systems or terrarium pumps - with the Hobby Terra Timer Pro you can control everything comfortably and precisely. This ingenious time switch for the terrarium has an enormous variety of functions.

With the Hobby Terra Timer Pro 9 (!), for example, different switch-on and switch-off times can be programmed, giving you many possibilities. The shortest switching distance is only one second - ideal if, for example, you only want to trigger a short spray impulse from a sprinkler system. Here conventional time switches simply do not come along! When it comes to programming the Hobby Terra Timer Pro, of course you also have endless options: Not only can you set daily programming, but you can also explicitly specify specific days, define blocks of days, separate workdays and weekends. In addition, with the Hobby Terra Timer Pro you can switch the operating modes (automatic, duration ON and duration OFF) simply by pressing a button. In contrast to most timers, the Hobby Terra Timer Pro always has everything in view for your terrarium - the easy-to-read LCD display provides you with all information about day, time, programmed switching times and the current operating mode - it couldn't be easier.

The range of functions of this ingenious terrarium timer is rounded off by a practical countdown function and a changeover option between summer and winter time! Especially worth mentioning for the operation around the terrarium is the high switching capacity of the Hobby Terra Timer Pro. The Terra Timer Pro with 3500 Watt (resistive load: lamps, cables, etc.) or 600 Watt (inductive load: transformers, ballasts, etc.) stands out far above the competition! By the way: The Hobby Terra Timer Pro has an extremely practical child lock and is protected with a standard 1.2 V battery against any loss of data in the event of a power failure.

What particularly amazes us about the Hobby Terra Timer Pro is the incredibly low price for such a practical and safe device, which reliably does so much work around the terrarium for you. Test the ingenious Hobby Terra Timer Pro easily - you will quickly understand why we are so convinced by this timer for the terrarium!

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