Hobby Reptix Vital Vitamin Powder

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Should not be missing with any feeding: HOBBY REPTIX VITAL VITAMIN POWDER! The 100 % effective vitamin supply for reptiles.

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  • Vitamin D3 und Kalzium für starke Knochen und harte Panzer
  • Jahrelang bewährt und erprobt: die Rundum-Versorgung mit allen Vitaminen
  • Fördert Widerstandskraft und Muskelaufbau, hilft im Kalziumstoffwechsel und bei der Haut-, Panzer- und Schuppenbildung
  • Verhindert Mangelerscheinungen durch falsche Ernährung bei Reptilien
  • Perfekt abgestimmt auf omnivore (allesfressende) und carnivore (fleischfressende) Reptilien wie Bartagamen, Schildkröten, Warane, Schlangen, e

Hobby Reptix Vital Vitamin Powder - with Vitamin D3 and Calcium

Hobby Reptix Vital Vitamin Powder is a multivitamin powder specially formulated for omnivorous and carnivorous reptiles. It contains a lot of healthy calcium and vitamin D3. But also on the subtleties with this mineral preparation for reptiles much value was attached and exactly in this Hobby Reptix Vital differs from many other products. Rare trace elements, which are vital for all reptiles, have been added as well as water-soluble vitamins, which are often not even present in pure vitamin powders. Especially the wide range of applications of Hobby Reptix Vital makes the vitamin powder so popular. No matter if turtles, bearded dragons, snakes, monitors or other lizards. Hobby Reptix Vital is thanks to its balanced composition of all important vitamins perfectly suitable for almost all reptiles.

And what exactly does Hobby Reptix Vital vitamin powder do for reptiles? Reptix Vital ensures above all one thing: healthy terrarium animals without deficiency diseases due to incorrect nutrition. When keeping reptiles in terrariums, it is almost impossible to feed them exactly the food they eat in the wild. The result: undersupply of vitamins and minerals and the resulting diseases. With Hobby Reptix Vital Vitamin Powder you prevent this and supply your reptiles with sufficient vitamins, calcium and of course the important vitamin D3. In addition, Hobby Reptix Vital strengthens muscle building and calcium metabolism. Your reptiles are protected from rickets thanks to vitamin D3. At the same time, the immune system is positively influenced and the general defences of reptiles are strengthened.


Hobby Reptix Vital should be administered with every feeding. Every week you should feed about one level teaspoon. For this purpose, feed insects and other reptile feeds are lightly powdered.


Calcium carbonate, dicalcium phosphate


calcium 33,55 %

Phosphorus: 1.2%.

HCL insoluble ash: 0.5%.

Raw fats: 0,2

raw ash: 87,9%

Crude protein: 0.25%.

Additives per kg:

Vitamin A 25,000 IU, vitamin B1 180 mg, vitamin B2 640 mg, vitamin B6 500 mg, vitamin B12 3,500 mcg, vitamin C 4,000 mg, vitamin D3 30,000 IU, vitamin E 2,500 mg (alpha-tocopherol acetate), pantothenic acid 750 mg, Ca-pantothenate 750 mg, choline chloride 20,000 mg, nicotinamide 3,000 mg

Can content: 120 grams

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