Hobby Reptiles Transport Bag/Snake Bag

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For uncomplicated reptile transport: HOBBY REPTILE TRANSPORT BAG/SNAKE BAG! Soft, very robust material.

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  • Kein Transportstress für Ihre Reptilien
  • Weiches Material für die Bequemlichkeit ohne Wundreiben
  • Reptilien bewahren Ruhe durch absolute Dunkelheit
  • Sicheres Verschließen durch eingearbeitete Kordel

Hobby Reptiles Transport Bag/Snake Bag

Snake bags are used for the species-appropriate transport of reptiles. A snake bag is not only the best transport container for snakes, but also for all other reptiles. Our hobby reptile transport bag therefore belongs to the indispensable basic equipment of every reptile owner. Made of natural fibre, which is of course completely harmless for your reptiles, the soft material makes the animal feel good even in this unusual environment. It is important for safe transport that the hobby reptile snake bag is completely opaque - in both directions. The snake and other reptiles feel safe as they would feel safe in a dark cave terrarium. By the way, it doesn't matter whether you have a young snake or a full-grown king cobra to transport: the hobby reptile transport bag measures 50 cm x 30 cm and thus offers enough space for every length and size. Your safety and that of the reptiles was also taken into consideration. That's why a cord is embedded in the opening of the Hobby Reptile Transport Bag. The snake bag can be closed tightly and securely. This is not only safe, but also incredibly practical. With the Hobby Reptile Transport Bag you are prepared for unforeseeable events and have one less worry in case of emergency.

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