Hobby Neodymium Daylight Eco Daylight Lamp

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The savings miracle for daylight lamps: HOBBY NEODYMIUM DAYLIGHT ECO! Perfect for keeping reptiles and ideal for growing terrarium plants.

Only suitable for additional supply (UV/heat) for pets. This illuminant is not suitable for room lighting in the household.

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  • Wide beam angle and especially good light scattering
  • Efficient combination of heat and light combined in one spotlight
  • Neodymium glass for optimum colour rendering and better plant growth
  • High UV-A content, vitalises terrarium animals
  • Electricity savings of approx. 30%.
  • Especially long service life (approx. 2,000 hours)

Hobby Neodymium Daylight Eco - the powerful daylight lamp for clever energy savers

The Hobby Neodymium Daylight Eco is a high-quality and reliable daylight lamp for the terrarium, which has an immense energy saving potential. By using neodymium components in the lamp glass (neodymium belongs to the element group of lanthanides), the glass obtains not only its characteristic color, but also very special properties with regard to the light spectrum. The Hobby Neodymium Daylight Eco Terrarium Lamp has a light spectrum that is very close to that of the sun, which naturally has positive effects on terrarium animals and their well-being. UV-A radiation, which plays a particularly important and vitalising role, also contributes to this. The Hobby Neodymium Daylight Eco Daylight Lamp produces a wide beam with perfect comfort temperatures and healthy light. This invites reptiles to warm up and to sunbathe. The special milky neodymium glass ensures optimum distribution of the light intensity throughout the terrarium and provides more than useful basic lighting. The inner values of the Hobby Neodymium Daylight Eco are also convincing: a colour rendering value of 87.3 Ra and a colour temperature of 2636 K are outstanding for a terrarium daylight lamp - this is not a given for a daylight lamp at such a low price.

The Hobby Neodymium Daylight Eco Daylight Lamp provides amazingly good light in the terrarium. The difference is especially evident in the colours of your reptiles, which look absolutely brilliant and natural under the light of the Hobby Neodymium Daylight Eco. The Hobby Neodymium Daylight Eco is an excellent spotlight for terrariums and an efficient heat source. The bottom line is a sensational price-performance ratio. And don't forget that this daylight lamp is a real energy-saving miracle in continuous operation, because the Hobby Neodymium Daylight Eco consumes about 30% less electricity than its predecessor, the Hobby Neodymium Basking Spot Daylight. Definitely try it!

You can obtain the powerful Hobby Neodymium Daylight Eco Daylight Lamp (E27 standard thread) from us in various performance classes - simply select the version that suits your requirements and your terrarium:

Hobby Neodymium Daylight Eco, 28 Watt: For small terrariums and minimal distance
Hobby Neodymium Daylight Eco, 42 watts. Good for small terrariums or as a second terrarium lamp
Hobby Neodymium Daylight Eco, 70 Watt. Ideal for medium sized terrariums.
Hobby Neodymium Daylight Eco, 108 watts. Perfect for high terrariums or medium-sized and large terrariums that need a lot of light.

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