Hobby Lighting Dimmer - Dimmer for Terrarium Lamps and Heating

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For optimal conditions in the terrarium: HOBBY LIGHTING DIMMER! Manually control terrarium lamps and heating elements in the terrarium. Perfect for reducing electricity costs.

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  • Dimmt Terrarienlampen und Heizelemente im Terrarium. NICHT für Leuchtstoffröhren. geeignet.
  • Senkt den Stromverbrauch von Terrarienlampen und Heizung
  • In Sekunden betriebsbereit, stufenlos regulierbar
  • Verhindert zu hohe Temperaturen - besonders in den Sommermonaten
  • Kompatibel mit allen gängigen Terrarienlampen und Heizungen

Hobby Lighting Dimmer - electronic dimmer for terrarium lamps and terrarium heating

High electricity costs are a problem in terrariums. However: With the right terrarium technology a lot of money can be saved here. Unfortunately, it is a fact that both the heating and the lighting of terrariums is obviously done according to the motto: A lot helps a lot. This can cause both temperature and light intensity to be far too high, which not only drives your electricity bill to astronomical heights, but also creates conditions for reptiles and other terrarium animals that are anything but species-appropriate. The Hobby Lighting Dimmer is the ideal instrument to regulate light and heat as it should be in the terrarium. By the way, the Hobby Lighting Dimmer is also a tried and tested tool if you think of changes that bring different seasons. Especially in summer the temperatures in the terrarium rise rapidly! Here you use the dimmer to adjust heating elements or heat lamps downwards so that your terrarium animals find optimal climatic conditions again. With the Hobby Lighting Dimmer the power of all electrical devices in the terrarium can be easily adjusted: Terrarium lamps, radiant heaters, heating cables, heating mats - no problem! Conventional ballasts for gas pressure lamps can also be easily regulated with the Hobby Lighting Dimmer.

In use, the Hobby Lighting Dimmer is a thoroughly uncomplicated device. Simply plug the dimmer into the socket and connect the corresponding consumer directly. With the built-in setting wheel, you can now determine exactly how bright a terrarium lamp should be or how much heat a heating element should produce. The Hobby Lighting Dimmer is not so quick to get out of breath - it can be loaded with a good 300 watts - all at an operating voltage of 230V/50Hz. Practical detail of the Hobby Lighting dimmer for terrariums: The dimmer has a child safety lock so that the setting you have set cannot be changed by unauthorised persons or by mistake.

Simple, effective and a minimal investment that saves a lot of electricity. The Hobby Lighting Dimmer is worth a big recommendation in any case.

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