Hobby Hygro Plus Mini Fogger for terrariums

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So small and yet so powerful: HOBBY HYGRO PLUS TERRARIUM FOGGER! Extremely compact ultrasonic fogger for the terrarium. Increases the humidity with ingenious fog effect.

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  • With a nebulizing performance of up to 200 milliliters per hour
  • Special sensor ensures emergency shutdown and prevents dry running
  • Suitable for many terrarium types
  • Can be used in any water basin at least 5 cm deep

Hobby Hygro Plus Mini Fogger for terrariums

Simple, powerful and extremely compact! This is the best way to describe the Hobby Hygro Plus Terrarium Fogger! Here you get a perfect example that good terrarium accessories cannot be measured by their size. This compact miniature works with powerful ultrasonic technology and atomizes the water so finely that real fog is created in the terrarium, which not only provides a fantastic visual effect. But of course it's not just about the optics, no matter how grandiose it may be. The Hobby Hygro Plus Mininebler is perfectly suited to influence the humidity in the terrarium so that optimal conditions for keeping reptiles arise. For example, the Hygro Plus ultrasonic nebuliser can excellently simulate morning dew in the terrarium so that water drips from the terrarium plants. Various reptiles and amphibians only absorb such moving water - e.g. chameleons. Thus the Hobby Hygro Plus Fogger "incidentally" ensures that the drinking behaviour of reptiles is stimulated. Substrate can also be kept moist by the Hobby Hygro Plus Mini Fogger - a very important feel-good factor for many types of reptiles.

And when it comes to technical data, the little fogger has a really big idea. With a nebulisation capacity of 150-200 millilitres of water per hour, even larger terrariums can be supplied perfectly. The search for a suitable water basin is extremely simple: you can use any container with a minimum depth of 5 cm for the Hobby Hygro Plus Mini Fogger. This terrarium nebuliser has proven to be particularly practical in operation with its automatic switch-off, which stops the operation as soon as the sensor has detected that the minimum amount of water required has not been reached. Thus the Hobby Hygro Plus Fogger is perfectly protected against damage caused by dry running. The Hobby Hygro Plus Terrarium Fogger is definitely a worthwhile purchase at this super low price.

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