Hobby Humidity Control eco

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Simply safe and ingeniously inexpensive: HOBBY HUMIDITY CONTROL ECO! The modern top hygrostat for humidity control in your terrarium.

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  • Sehr präziser Top-Hygrostat mit frei programmierbarer Nachtabsenkung
  • Ideal für Beregnungsanlagen und Terrarien-Nebler
  • Mit bis zu 2.000 Watt Schaltleistung und bis auf 1% rel. Luftfeuchte genau!
  • Integrierter Alarmfunktion, 3 m USB Sensorkabel, LED Aktivitätsanzeige

Hobby Humidity Control eco - the top equipped hygrostat for terrariums

Not only advanced terrarium keepers should know this: Only with optimal, species-appropriate humidity can reptiles develop healthy in the terrarium and a hygrostat such as the affordable Hobby Humidity Control eco should be the remedy of choice. The Hobby Humidity Control eco Hygrostat not only relieves you of a lot of work in the terrarium, but also ensures maximum safety and control. The Hobby Humidity Control eco stands for high-quality, optimally equipped terrarium technology at a pleasingly low price.

And when it comes to equipment, the Hobby Humidity Control eco Hygrostat can actually score points all along the line - everything was simply thought of here. The Hobby Humidity Control eco is completely processor controlled and very high quality. With this hygrostat, you can program a night setback completely freely and the permanent control LED always shows you at a glance whether the connected humidifier (fogger, sprinkler system, etc.) is working correctly. Safety always comes first with the Hobby Humidity Control eco and for this reason, the slot is automatically switched off while a new programming is carried out. In addition, the Hobby Humidity Control eco Hygrostat has an optical alarm function that immediately indicates whether the humidity falls below a preset minimum value. Here you can select an alarm range between 1 % and 20 % yourself. The display and control range of the Hobby Humidity Control eco is very generous - between 10 % and 95 %. When it comes to accuracy, you can definitely rely on the Hobby Humidity Control eco, because the maximum deviation is 1%. Ingenious: The humidity sensor connected with a modern USB connection (with an ample cable length of 3 meters) is replaceable in the event of a defect and the display immediately notifies you of any malfunction of the sensor.

As you can see: The Hobby Humidity Control eco Hygrostat is prepared for all eventualities of everyday life in the terrarium and does a lot of work for you. In addition, the hygrostat is very easy to operate and program. A German, easy to understand operating manual is of course included in the scope of delivery. And finally all technical data of the Hobby Humidity Control eco at a glance:

Technical data
- Operating voltage: 230 V, 50 Hz
- Connected load: Max. 2,000 W
- Display range/Relative humidity: 10-95%.
- Control range/Relative humidity: 10-95%.
- Alarm range/relative humidity: 1-20%.
- Control accuracy/relative humidity: 1%.
- Optical alarm
- LED activity indicator
- Sensor cable length: 3 m

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