Hobby Corner Cave Bark Terrarium Cave (Wetbox)

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The "giant" among the terrarium caves: HOBBY CORNER CAVE BARK! Also perfect for larger reptiles. Perfect as a wet box.

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  • Die voluminöse Terrarienhöhle für Reptilien und Amphibien
  • Terrarienhöhle in realistischem Rindendekor
  • Abnehmbarer Deckel für besonders leichten Zugang zur Terrarienhöhle
  • Extra leicht zu reinigen durch hervorragende Spezialbeschichtung
  • Abmessungen: 27 cm x 22 cm x 11 cm

Hobby Eckhöhle Bark - the ingenious "Maxi hiding place" among the caves for the terrarium

The Hobby Eckhöhle Bark is certainly one of the most practical caves for the terrarium. This is not least due to the fact that the Hobby Eckhöhle Bark offers your terrarium animals plenty of space and that this terrarium cave nevertheless occupies little space in the terrarium. How's that work? Well, the Hobby Corner Cave Bark has a so-called corner construction, which ensures that the Hobby Corner Cave Bark can be pushed into any corner of the terrarium without losing precious space for your reptiles or amphibians. But the Hobby Eckhöhle Bark is also 100% convincing in all other respects! This starts with the beautiful appearance of this terrarium cave: The Hobby Corner Cave Bark was designed in an extremely realistic bark decor, but is much easier to maintain in practice, because the terrarium cave is made of a robust, pollutant-free special plastic, which is best suited for use in the terrarium. Regular cleaning of the Hobby Eckhöhle Bark is therefore child's play. If you are looking for a good wet box for the terrarium, the corner cave is also a good choice. Many reptiles need such a wet box with a wet zone to regulate the moisture balance and for effortless moulting.

The Hobby Eckhöhle Bark has proven itself in our experience with the keeping of different types of snakes. Lampropel, corn snakes and others love this retreat and like to make use of it. But geckos and various other reptiles are also attracted by the hobby corner cave Bark almost magically. The Hobby Corner Cave Bark has a practical lid so that your terrarium protégés don't disappear into their new cave never to be seen again, so that you always know what your reptiles or amphibians are "doing". By the way: We made quite good experiences with the hobby corner cave Bark with the breeding of Python regius (king python). This rather sensitive snake species prefers dark, quiet hiding places in the terrarium that offer maximum protection.

The Hobby Eckhöhle Bark offers many possibilities in the terrarium and we offer you this practical terrarium cave at a special price. With its dimensions of 27 cm x 22 cm x 11 cm the Hobby Eckhöhle Bark offers a lot of space for your reptiles and does not cost a fortune.

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