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Hobby Colorado Rock 2 Terrarium rocks

  • Manufacturer: Hobby
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A visually ingenious highlight for the terrarium: HOBBY COLORADO ROCK 2! Multifunctional - can be used as a sunbathing area, climbing facility and cave.

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  • Völlig natürlich wirkendes Felsdesign - Highlight im Terrarium
  • Extrem robust und sehr leicht zu reinigen
  • Großzügiges Höhlenversteck mit 2 Zugängen
  • Praktisch, schön und unglaublich günstig
  • Kompakte Maße: 22 cm x 23 cm x 11 cm

Hobby Colorado Rock 2 - the perfect terrarium decoration, terrarium rocks and cave hideaway in one

Sometimes it is incredibly easy to expand the habitat for terrarium animals, and with the Hobby Colorado Rock 2 terrarium rock, this even has a highly decorative side effect. Like all Hobby terrarium rocks, the Hobby Colorado Rock 2 is absolutely realistic and captivates with a fantastic and completely natural rock look. Only at second glance will you notice that the Hobby Colorado Rock 2 is made of a special plastic that does not contain any harmful substances and is easy to clean - perfect conditions for high-quality terrarium decoration! In addition, the Hobby Colorado Rock 2, which offers a great retreat possibility for reptiles and amphibians with its two entrances and exits, offers this terrarium rock real multiple benefits. Due to its shape and size the Hobby Colorado Rock 2 is a good choice not only as a cave hiding place in the terrarium. The hobby Colorado Rock 2 is used by many terrarium animals additionally as a good climbing possibility, represents an elevated sun place in the terrarium and serves many species also for orientation in the terrarium.

In addition to the general opportunity to retreat in "stressful moments", the integrated cave is also used by many reptile species to cool off after sunbathing. The Colorado Rock 2 hobby thus provides a further climate zone - perfect for the healthy development of reptiles. Of course the decoration effect for the terrarium also plays a role in the Hobby Colorado Rock 2. This terrarium rock looks good in almost every terrarium environment - in a desert terrarium or a jungle terrarium, the Hobby Colorado Rock 2 looks particularly good and is definitely a highlight of your terrarium decoration. The Hobby Colorado Rock 2 fits into most smaller terrariums due to its quite compact dimensions, without limiting the space for terrarium animals significantly.

And while we're at the measurements: The Hobby Colorado Rock 2 measures 22 cm x 23 cm x 11 cm and is indeed compact. Due to the particularly favourable price the decision for the Hobby Colorado Rock 2 is very easy!

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