Hobby Arizona Rock Terrarium rocks

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Exceptional and visually impressive: HOBBY ARIZONA ROCK! Beautiful combination of terrarium rock and cave hiding place.

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  • Aufwändige Imitation von Pagodengestein
  • Robust verarbeitet und leicht zu pflegen
  • Integriertes Höhlenversteck mit 3 (!) Zugängen
  • Außergewöhnliche und praktische Terrariendekoration zum Niedrigpreis
  • Kompakte Abmessungen: 26 cm x 14 cm x 24 - auch für kleinere Terrarien

Want to bet you'll really start thinking when you see Arizona Rock for the first time? This is simply because this terrarium rock with an integrated terrarium cave is a small work of art. The hobby Arizona Rock was modeled after real Pagoda stone and this has been so realistically achieved that one has to be amazed at the optical quality of the hobby Arizona Rock. However: The hobby Arizona Rock was not carved from stone, but consists of pollutant-free plastic, which is particularly suitable for the terrarium. Advantage: The cleaning of the Hobby Arizona Rock is a real child's play in practice and makes the care in the terrarium considerably easier. But not only the ingenious look is convincing! The hobby Arizona Rock offers a great extension of the habitat of reptiles and amphibians and there are good reasons for this. The Arizona Rock hobby is a perfect cave hiding place for many types of terrarium animals. Three inputs and three outputs provide reptiles and amphibians with a quick retreat. In addition, the interior of the cave is also a good place to cool off after extensive sunbathing.

And while we're at sunbathing: The Hobby Arizona Rock is a good help for terrarium animals to create a raised platform, which is often used for views or sunbathing. Due to the shape and structure of the Arizona Rock hobby, the terrarium rock is also popular with climbing enthusiasts - geckos are particularly worth mentioning here as passionate climbers. So you can see that the Arizona Rock hobby not only looks good, but that you also achieve a real added value in the terrarium and thus expand the habitat of your terrarium protégés and make it more exciting. The Arizona Rock hobby looks good in any kind of terrarium - in a desert terrarium or a jungle terrarium the terrarium rock is of course especially good.

Due to its compact form - the Arizona Rock hobby measures 26 cm x 14 cm x 24 cm - the terrarium rock is also suitable for use in small and medium-sized terrariums without significantly restricting the space for reptiles or amphibians.

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