Herpetal Starterkit: Vitamins and Mineral

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Total reptile health in an inexpensive double pack: HERPETAL STARTERKIT VITAMINS AND MINERAL! Everything your reptiles need for healthy development.

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  • Perfekte, hochwirksame Nahrungsergänzung für gesunde Reptilien
  • Verbessert die Vitalität und die Gesundheit von Reptilien sichtbar
  • Hochwertige Spitzenprodukte - beliebt und bewährt bei Reptilienzüchtern
  • Herpetal im genialen Doppelpack zum Sparpreis

Herpetal Starterkit: Vitamins and minerals - the extra low-cost double pack for maximum reptile health

Not only experienced terrarium keepers know it: Since their market launch Herpetal vitamin and mineral supplements for reptiles have reached an absolute top position in the optimal nutrition of terrarium animals. And not without reason. Products such as Herpetal Complete T and Herpetal Mineral + D3 are real wells and provide reptiles with everything they need for healthy development and lasting vitality. With Herpetal products you buy 100% health - and you can see this health. One recipe proved to be particularly successful: Give your reptiles the recommended dose of Herpetal Mineral + D3 for four consecutive days and then Herpetal Complete T for the next three days. Now start administering Herpetal Mineral + D3 again. The results with this system are incredible. Reptiles whose feed was supplemented with these supplements showed a significantly increased agility, health and reproduction rate as compared groups fed without Herpetal Complete T and Herpetal Mineral + D3. You don't think so? Why don't you try it out? With our mercilessly favorable double pack you can make this attempt in the domestic terrarium now for quite small money. The results will definitely convince you.

Herpetal Complete T and Herpetal Mineral + D3 are available at a sensational complete price.

If you need more detailed information on Herpetal Complete T and Herpetal Mineral + D3, simply follow the links below to our detailed product information.

{link produkt=673}https://www.reptilienkosmos.de/terraristik-shop/Gesundheit-Hygiene/Heilmittel/Herpetal/Herpetal-Complete-T-Terrarium.html{/link}

{link produkt=683}https://www.reptilienkosmos.de/terraristik-shop/Gesundheit-Hygiene/Heilmittel/Herpetal/Herpetal-Mineral-Vitamin-D3.html{/link}

You will receive one can each of 100 grams Herpetal Complete T and 100 grams Herpetal Mineral + D3.

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