Herpetal Multivit liquid

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Multivitamins are particularly easy to administer: HERPETAL MULTIVIT LIQUID! All around safe vitamin supply for your reptiles.

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  • Endlich ein flüssiges Multivitaminpräparat für Reptilien
  • Viel einfacher als Pulver zu dosieren - perfekt für Schlangen und große fleischfressende Reptilien
  • Vitamin-Mangelerscheinungen werden schnell behoben und zukünftig vermieden
  • Sorgt für kräftige und gesunde Reptilien im Terrarium

Herpetal Multivit - liquid multivitamin preparation

Herpetal Multivit liquid is a liquid multivitamin preparation for all reptiles and ideal for chameleons, snakes or bearded dragons. The clou about Herpetal Multivit: It is liquid and can therefore be dosed much more easily and safely. Herpetal Multivit can be administered in the terrarium, for example, via drinking water or via fruit pulp that is mixed. Fruit- and vegetable-eating reptiles can be given Herpetal Multivit by simply sprinkling salad and green forage. This is an almost impossible task with powder, as it hardly sticks to the smooth leaves. Herpetal Multivit liquid has made a very special name for itself among terrarium keepers of growing reptiles such as snakes and monitors. These are fed predominantly with large feed-animals. And the simplest method to sufficiently vitaminise a frozen rat is to inject the multivitamins with a syringe. This is the only way they can dose precisely and healthily and ensure that Herpetal Multivit ensures a long and healthy life for snakes, monitors and other reptiles in the terrarium.

Dosage of Herpetal Multivit:

For animals active at dusk and at night as well as chameleons: 3 x per week 1 drop Herpetal Multivit per 50 g body weight (= normal leopard gecko). For animals under 50 g, dilute the product accordingly before administration.

For steppe and desert dwellers as well as weakened animals: 3 x per week 3 drops Herpetal Multivit per 50 g body weight.

Composition: water, sodium bicarbonate , sodium chloride

Ingredients: Crude protein 0.00 %; crude fat 0.12 %; crude fibre 0.00 %; crude ash 0.00 %

Additives per litre: Vit A 50000 I.E.; Vit D3 2000 I.E.; Vit E 500 mg; Vit K3 Menad. 38 mg; biotin 750 mcg; folic acid 4 mg; vit B1 25 mg; vit B2 45 mg; vit B6 42.5 mg; vit B12 400 mcg; nicotinamide 380 mg; Ca-D-pantothenate 300 mg; choline chloride 100 mg; p-aminobenzoic acid 6 mg; with potassium sorbate, BHT and lactic acid

Feeding instructions: This supplementary feed may only be fed to reptiles up to the specified quantities because of the higher vitamin A and D3 contents compared to complete feeds.

Bottle capacity: 50 ml

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