Herpetal B Complex liquid

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Vital B vitamins for all reptiles: HERPETAL B-COMPLEX LIQUID! Supplies reptiles optimally with all vitamins of the vitamin B complex.

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  • Kinderleichte und exakte Dosierung dank Pumpzerstäuber
  • Verhindert typische Vitamin-B-Mangelerkrankungen, wie sie häufig bei Reptilien im Terrarium vorkommen
  • Besonders wichtig für alle Reptilien, die sich von Fisch ernähren, wie Wasserschildkröten oder Strumpfbandnattern
  • Wichtig nach Transport, Krankheit Neueinrichtung des Terrariums und anderen Stresssituationen für Reptilien

Herpetal B-complex liquid - all B-vitamins for reptiles

Herpetal B-Complex liquid supplies reptiles optimally with the vitamins of the B-Complex. With Herpetal B-Complex liquid, the B-vitamin deficiency diseases of reptiles that frequently occur in terrariums can not only be treated. Rather, Herpetal B-Complex liquid with its exactly reptile-tuned mixture of all important B vitamins prevents these diseases.

What are typical symptoms of vitamin B deficiency in reptiles? Typical reptiles with vitamin B deficiency include nervousness, poor feed conversion, tremors and other movement disorders, growth disorders, anaemia and diseases of the digestive tract and general metabolic diseases. Once these diseases occur in reptiles, recovery is often protracted and difficult. It is much easier to use Herpetal B-Complex to prevent liquid deficiency and to prevent deficiency diseases from occurring in the first place. Especially for reptiles that feed on fish, the supply of vitamin B complex is vital. These include, for example, garter snake, but also water turtles and some lizards.

What causes vitamin B deficiency in reptiles in the terrarium? There are many causes for vitamin B deficiency in terraristics, especially an incorrect diet of your reptiles. However, all situations that cause stress for reptiles are also particularly frequent causes. The new terrarium setup, transport, disease and also mating and pregnancy are just some of the many factors that stress reptiles in the terrarium. We therefore recommend the preventive and regular use of Herpetal B-Complex liquid on all reptiles. So you can stay calm even in stressful situations of your reptiles and ensure a healthy reptile life!


water, sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate

Ingredients per litre:

Crude ash 0,90 %; crude fat 5,00 %; crude protein 0,00 %; crude fibre 0,00 %; sodium 1,26 %; water 65,00 %

Additives per litre:

Vitamin B1 3500 mg, vitamin K1 100 mg; vitamin B2 4000 mg; nicotinic acid 25000 mg; vitamin B6 5000 mg; vitamin B12 18000 mg; pantothenic acid 4500 mg; folic acid 200 mg

Dosage and application:

Preventively 1 x per week 3 spray strokes B-complex over the feed. Acute: Daily 3 spray strokes Herpetal Vitamin B Complex over the feed or according to veterinary instructions. 3 spray strokes correspond to approx. 1 ml.

Bottle capacity: 50 ml

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