HerbaVital Vitamin Aid

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Immediate help through protective vitamins: HERBAVITAL VITAMINHILFE! Fast help thanks to highly concentrated vitamins in case of illness, stress and deficiency symptoms of reptiles.

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  • Als Soforthilfe bei Krankheit, nach Eiablage, Transport oder Umzug in ein neues Terrarium
  • Herbamed Vitaminhilfe wurde extra für die Bedürfnisse von Reptilien entwickelt
  • Gegen Panzererweichungen, Rachitis und Augenschwellungen
  • Einfach über das Trinkwasser oder das Futter verabreichen

HerbaVital Vitaminhilfe - Immediate Vitamin Protection for Reptiles

HerbaVital Vitaminhilfe is a vitamin concentrate specially developed for reptiles. HerbaVital Vitaminhilfe contains the four most important cell protection vitamins A, D3, E and C and is therefore particularly suitable for acute cases. It strengthens the immune system of all reptiles immediately. So whenever a reptile is ill, shows symptoms of weakness or has other problems, HerbaVital vitamin help serves the quick basic supply and strengthening. HerbaVital Vitaminhilfe is also ideally suited for the long-term prevention of deficiency symptoms in terrarium animals. Thanks to the fact that HerbaVital Vitaminhilfe is liquid, the dosage can be very accurate and simple. For example, you can simply administer the vitamin help via the drinking water in the terrarium.

Application 2-3 drops HerbaVital vitamin aid are mixed with the daily drinking water (20 ml) or added to the feed. HerbaVital Vitaminhilfe may only be fed up to 1% of the daily ration due to the increased content of vitamins A and D3.

Composition: 76 % water, 5 % glucose, content of ingredients: 1,1 % crude protein, 1,2 % crude fat, 0,0 % crude fibre, 0,5 % crude ash. Additives per 1000 ml: 50,000,000 I.E. vitamin A, 200,000 I.E. vitamin D3, 50,000 mg vitamin C, 20,000 mg vitamin E.

Bottle capacity: 10 ml

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