HerbaVital Life Drops

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High-quality calcium preparation with important minerals: HERBAVITAL LIFE DROP! Contains essential amino acids.

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  • Nahrungsergänzung aus wertvollen Zutaten
  • Ohne chemische Zusätze hergestellt
  • Für die natürliche Entwicklung von Terrarientieren
  • Gut verträglich und schnell wirksam

HerbaVital Life Drops - effective calcium preparation for reptiles and small animals

With the highly effective HerbaVital Life Drops you support the bone development of your reptiles and promote a healthy skin and shell development. HerbaVital life drops contain natural calcium and many important minerals, which can be particularly well absorbed and utilized by reptiles and many amphibian species. In addition, the natural HerbaVital life drops contain selected amino acids that positively influence the vital exchange of information in the brain. With HerbaVital Life Drops you make an important contribution to the optimal care of your terrarium animals and other small animals.

You will receive 10 ml HerbaVital drops of life in the practical, resealable dosage bottle.

Feed supplement for small rodents, ornamental birds and terrarium animals.

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