Heat Pack 40 hour heat pillow

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Reliable heat at an economical price: HEAT PACK! Keeps reptiles warm for up to 40 hours.

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  • Klein genug, um das Heat Pack immer dabei zu haben
  • Wird durch einfaches Öffnen automatisch aktiviert
  • Bis zu 40 Stunden ausgestrahlte Wärmekraft
  • Günstige Staffelpreise für Ihren Vorrat

Heat Pack 40-hour heat pad for reptiles

Admittedly, your reptiles won't travel that often and we don't want anybody to visit the vet. But if your reptiles have to be transported from one place to another, you should always have Heat Pack with you. Nothing is more dangerous for reptiles than a sudden and rapid drop in body temperature! Here the warming cushions with ideal dimensions of approx. 13 x 9.5 cm do you good service. Once you have torn open a Heat Pack, the warming effect begins - lasting 40 hours. Actually superfluous to mention that the heat is emitted evenly, so there is also no overheating. You should always have the Heat Packs in your house, not always temperature changes inside or outside the terrarium can be planned in advance. Anyone who travels a lot on terraristic exchanges, sends reptiles by live animal shipping or is a breeder of reptiles will benefit from our low-cost packages for bulk buyers with up to 100 heat packs.

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