Glass guide profiles/glass guide rails for 6 mm glass thickness - complete set

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Indispensable for building terrariums: GLASS GUIDE PROFILES IN A COMPLETE SET! Each 1m above and 1m below in the finished set.

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  • Komplettset: Je 1 Meter obere und 1 Meter untere Glasführungsschiene im Set!
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Glass guide profiles/glass guide rails for 6 mm glass thickness complete set

We certainly won't tell you anything new when we point out that in terrarium construction there are always functional factors that need to be considered as well as optical ones. And this is exactly where the glass guide profiles come into play. If you want to provide your terrarium with sliding doors, you should not do without the installation of glass guide rails. These glass guide profiles, also known as E-rails, reduce friction between the panes. This not only simplifies handling, but also protects against wear and tear. A few more naked numbers: These E-profiles are suitable for glass panes with a thickness of 4-6 mm, the total width of a glass guide profile is 20 mm. A glass guide rail measures 1 meter. Since you put together your individual terrarium, you get offered by us of course still variations: You can purchase the glass guide profiles in black, white, silver (grey) or brown.

Complete - You get 1 meter upper and 1 meter lower glass guide rail in a set!

If you need more than one metre of glass guide profile, we recommend the following trick: If you need 160 cm, for example, simply buy 2 x 1 metre and cut to 80 cm. If you now insert these two rails together, the transition is exactly in the middle. Since the glass panes overlap, you will never have to pull either pane over the interface.

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