Glass guide profiles/glass guide rails for 4 mm glass thickness - complete set

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Very stable and 100% suitable for sliding doors in terrariums: GLASS GUIDE PROFILES IN A COMPLETE SET! Each 1m above and 1m below in the finished set.

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  • Komplettset! Jeweils 1 m oben und 1 m unten im Set
  • Hochwertiger Kunststoff, perfektes Aufgleiten der Terrarientüren
  • In vier verschiedenen Farben zu haben
  • Leichter Einbau, egal bei welcher Größe
  • Für alle Terrariengrößen: Leicht zuschneidbar

Glass guide profiles/glass guide rails for 4 mm glass thickness complete set

Glass guide profiles are indispensable for terrarium construction. With our glass guide profiles, you can be sure that your terrarium glass is not only beautiful to look at, but also fulfils its purpose. Due to the glass guide rails, you will no longer want to do without the reduced friction resistance when opening and closing the terrarium windows. So less wear with easier handling! The glass guide profiles, also known as E-profiles, fit up to 4 mm glass thickness. A glass guide rail has a total width of 16 mm.

With us you get 1 meter E-profile for top and bottom always as a complete set. Even if your sliding doors are longer than 1 meter, you don't have to look for another product: For example, if you need 160 cm glass guide rail, buy 2 x 1 meters, cut the profiles to 80 cm each and insert them. The interface is located exactly in the middle of the sliding doors and both panes are in the profile at all times. And for the inclined eye there is our offer in the colours black, silver, white and brown.

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