Exo Terra Water Well Water Fountain

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Top terrarium accessories: EXO TERRA WATER WELL! Perfect combination of water fountain and drinking vessel for reptiles.

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  • Liefert konstant sauberes Trinkwasser für Terrarientiere (mit 250 ml Wasserflasche)
  • Verhindert das Verschütten und Verschmutzen von Trinkwasser im Terrarium
  • Überzeugt durch seine natürliche Felsoptik
  • Problemlos zu reinigen durch pflegeleichtes und robustes Material

Exo Terra Water Well - optically great water fountain and drinking vessel for the terrarium

Exo Terra Water Well belongs to the kind of terrarium furniture you really like to use. On the one hand this water fountain by Exo Terra is a real enrichment for the optics in every terrarium and on the other hand the Exo Terra Water Well is incredibly practical. Due to the high-quality workmanship and the detailed design, this water fountain can hardly be distinguished from a real rock - this makes the Exo Terra Water Well an optical highlight in the terrarium. At the same time, the Exo Terra Water Well is also a reliable problem solver, because: The practical water fountain is also an ingeniously designed drinking vessel for reptiles.

The supply of fresh, clean drinking water is problematic in many terrariums. We know it from daily practice. Especially in tropical terrariums and desert terrariums, where the temperature inside the terrariums is much higher, the water in a conventional water bowl evaporates very quickly and must therefore be replenished frequently. Many reptiles are also true experts at knocking over a water bowl or polluting it more quickly than it has been refilled. In addition, when feeding with live feed insects, a normal water bowl can become a deadly trap and feed insects often find a wet grave here. That's not what the inventor intended, it costs money, time and labour. You can solve these problems with the Exo Terra Water Well in one go! Always fresh, completely clean drinking water in the terrarium and practically without labour.

Exo Terra Water Well is made of an especially high-quality plastic material, which makes this water fountain for the terrarium absolutely easy to maintain. Exo Terra Water Well is naturally free of harmful substances and appears so incredibly natural that the water fountain can be optically integrated into any terrarium. Filling the Exo Terra Water Well with fresh drinking water is child's play - the water fountain can be opened and closed in one easy step after the water reservoir has been filled. The small basin of the drinking fountain prevents the spillage of water, a protective grid prevents feed insects from getting inside the Exo Terra Water Wells and keeps everything clean and fresh. The Exo Terra Water Well is also well protected against overturning and shifting by the heavy stand. You see: A clean and completely safe solution that is perfectly tailored to the terrarium. Of course, the Exo Terra Water Well is not only suitable for reptiles as a source of drinking water - the water fountain is also very attractive for keeping invertebrates or amphibians and is technically and optically convincing all along the line. Due to its compact design - the Exo Terra Water Well measures 12 x 9.5 x 17 cm - it also fits all terrarium sizes and can be wonderfully integrated into the terrarium decoration. The supplied water bottle holds 250 ml.

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