Exo Terra ultrasonic mist generator Fogger

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One of the most successful ultrasonic nebulizers for the terrarium: EXO TERRA FOGGER! Creates fascinating fog effects in the terrarium and ensures healthy humidity.

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  • Hochwertige Komponenten sorgen für eine optimale Verneblungsleistung
  • Kann problemlos auch in kleineren Terrarien untergebracht werden
  • Erzeugt feinsten Nebel im Terrarium - optisch unglaublich faszinierend
  • Sorgt für gesunde Luftfeuchtigkeit, stimuliert das Trinkverhalten von Reptilien

Exo Terra ultrasonic mist generator Fogger

Proven for years and one of the best ultrasonic foggers for the terrarium - the Exo Terra Fogger is the most frequently used product in terraristics when it comes to fog generation in the terrarium. There are good reasons for this, as Exo Terra's Fogger is an absolute quality product that has been optimised for reliability and a long service life. The Exo Terra Fogger has therefore a particularly high-quality processing and captivates by its even production of finest fog in the terrarium. Although this effect is of course a real feast for the eyes, it is primarily about health aspects for your reptiles and amphibians. And here the Exo Terra Fogger is an excellent choice, because with this ultrasonic nebuliser you can increase the humidity in the terrarium up to 100%. With the Exo Terra Fogger you can simulate both the morning dew in desert areas (perfect for desert terrariums) as well as low rain cloud cover, as it often occurs in tropical forests - the ingenious Exo Terra Fogger produces moist fog in the terrarium as desired. It should not be forgotten that many reptiles only consume water that moves - e.g. dew drops running along a leaf. Chameleons, for example, do not perceive standing water as such at all. Here the Fogger fulfils a very elementary function in the terrarium and ensures that reptiles absorb sufficient drinking water.

Despite its high performance, the ultrasonic nebuliser is pleasingly compact and can also be accommodated in smaller terrariums without any problems. 12 cm x 6 cm x 6 cm are perfectly sufficient for Exo Terra to offer one of the best and most efficient terrarium nebulisers. The Exo Terra Fogger is very frugal when it comes to water supply. The ultrasonic nebuliser works in all water parts of the terrarium with a minimum depth of 5 cm. You can also use any large container for this purpose.

Technical data
Power consumption 24 VA
Voltage 24 V
Water temperature +10° to +35°C
Min. water level 45 mm
Nickel plated housing
EMC controlled according to EN 50081-1 and EN 50082-1

power supply
Input voltage 230 V - 50 Hz
Output voltage 24 V
Power 24 VA
Safety protected against overloading and overheating

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