Exo Terra Turtle Clear Habitat Care Set

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The top cleaning set for aqua terrariums: EXO TERRA TURTLE CLEAR HABITAT CARE SET! Includes gravel cleaner and algae remover.

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  • Verbessert die Wasserqualität im Aqua-Terrarium deutlich
  • Effizienter Kiesreiniger mit Pumpfunktion
  • Entfernt auch hartnäckige Algenablagerungen an Scheiben
  • Top verarbeitet für eine lange Lebensdauer

Exo Terra Turtle Clear Habitat Care Set - for a completely clean aquatic terrarium

If you own an aquatic terrarium, you know the problem of constant contamination, which can lead not only to cloudy water, but also to unpleasant odours. Especially the keeping of water turtles can be denatured thoroughly. It is not difficult to keep an aquatic terrarium or a turtle tank clean if you work with the right cleaning tools. The Exo Terra Turtle Clear Habitat Care Set is highly recommended as this cleaning set has been specially designed for aquatic terrariums.

The highlight of the Exo Terra Turtle Clear Habitat Care Set is always the practical gravel cleaner with pump function. If you do not want to remove the complete gravel (substrate) from the aquatic terrarium every time you change the water, the gravel cleaner does an excellent job. With the 45 cm long cleaning tube and a 1.5 meter long hose, you can work excellently in the Aqua-Terrarium. While you pump out the dirty water by hand, you simultaneously remove food residues and waste from the gravel bed. These residues form ammonia, phosphates, nitrates and nitrites in turtle basins. This leads to cloudy water, strong algae growth, sludge formation and bad smells. So here you are tackling the root of the problem and improving the hygiene of the aquatic terrarium in the long term.

Also included: The practical 2-in-1 algae remover, which removes even the hardest deposits from terrarium glass without you having to use sharp cleaners, which in the worst case can endanger the health of your turtles or other terrarium inhabitants.

All in all, the Exo Terra Turtle Clear Habitat Care Set is a great way to ensure thorough and lasting cleanliness in the aquatic terrarium. Let this cleaning set in best Exo Terra quality convince you.

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