Exo Terra Termite Hill Feeding Stone

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Optically outstanding and practical: EXO TERRA TERMITE HILL! The ingenious feeding stone for insectivorous reptiles.

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  • Regt den natürlichen Jagdinstinkt insektenfressender Reptilien an
  • Verhindert unkontrolliertes Ausbreiten von Futterinsekten und hält das Terrarium sauber
  • Einfach in der Bedienung und besonders leicht zu reinigen
  • Passt zu jeder Art von Terrarieneinrichtung

Exo Terra Termite Hill - beautifully shaped and functional feeding stone for feeding reptiles with live insects

Exo Terra Termite Hill impresses at first sight with its ingenious look! The exterior of Exo Terra Termite Hill presents itself as a fascinating mixture of terrarium rocks and termite mounds and especially in a desert terrarium the food stone really sensationally comes into its own. But not only in the desert terrarium does this look good - the Exo Terra Termite Hill fits harmoniously into any terrarium environment and is a real eye-catcher due to its unusual shape and size, which looks completely natural. A simple but incredibly effective feeding system for insectivorous reptiles, Exo Terra Termite Hill is guaranteed to work because it awakens the hunting instincts of reptiles! Here, many a notorious food denier becomes a passionate hunter.

How exactly does this feeding system work? Simple and perfect! The inside of the lining stone is hollow and the Exo Terra Termite Hill can be sealed tightly with a supplied plug. Now simply fill Exo Terra Termite Hill with live food insects, place the food stone in the terrarium and remove the plug. Thanks to its clever design, Exo Terra Termite Hill only ever releases individual food insects into the terrarium. This gives your terrarium animals the "impression" of a scarce supply of food and of course the reptiles are only too happy to jump on the occasionally appearing food insects. For your reptiles this rock will be a place of great attraction in the future, which you will never let out of your sight. What is exciting and nutritious for your reptiles is always a practical and clean affair for you. On the one hand, the feed rock is very easy to keep clean because it is made of easy-care and robust plastic (naturally free of harmful substances), and on the other hand, reptiles with Exo Terra Termite Hill can be perfectly supplied with vital vitamins and minerals. Simply pour the powdered food supplements into the interior of Exo Terra Termite Hill, then add the food insects and shake through. The feed insects are thus "pollinated" with the valuable preparations and give your reptiles an even healthier meal! Ingenious: Excess powder remains in the Exo Terra Termite Hill and can be reused at the next feeding. This is not only inexpensive, but also extremely useful for the hygiene in the terrarium. Because: Especially in terrariums where the climate is more humid, residues of vitamin and mineral preparations should not get into the water, as dangerous bacteria would settle here in no time at all. So Exo Terra Termite Hill is not only incredibly practical as a reptile food stone - it's also a 100% clean solution.

The relatively high weight with corresponding size - the Exo Terra Termite Hill measures 24.5 x 17 x 15.5 cm - ensures that the feed rock in the terrarium is stable and cannot be knocked over by your reptiles. The functionality of the Exo Terra Termite Hill is convincing anyway: clean, simple and perfect to use. In addition, this ingenious feeding system has an enchanting and completely natural appearance.

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