Exo Terra Scorpion Light Terrarium Lighting

  • Manufacturer: Exo Terra
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The incredible UV night light: EXO TERRA SCORPION LIGHT! Discover your terrarium now completely new.

Only suitable for additional supply (UV/heat) for pets. This illuminant is not suitable for room lighting in the household.

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  • Faszinierendes, blaues UV-Licht
  • TOLLER EFFEKT! Bringt viele Skorpione, Spinnen oder Insekten zum Leuchten
  • Nur 2 Watt Stromaufnahme
  • Mit wenigen Handgriffen im Terrarium montiert

Exo Terra Scorpion Light - the fascinating night light for terrariums

What an incredible light! With the Exo Terra Scorpion Light you create a breathtaking atmosphere in your terrarium. This special terrarium lighting was developed primarily for keeping scorpions, spiders and insects. Many species glow in the dark when illuminated by this ultraviolet night light, spider webs are illuminated in a fascinating way and since the soft UV light corresponds to that reflected by the moon on clear nights, the natural behaviour of many terrarium animals is stimulated. The mating behaviour of spiders, for example, is clearly encouraged by Exo Terra Scorpion Light.

Discover a whole new world in your own terrarium with the Exo Terra Scorpion Lights ultraviolet night light and go on nightly discovery tours. You can rely on it: You have never seen your terrarium like this before. The power of the Exo Terra Scorpion Lights is only 2 watts and is therefore much more economical than most night lights for terrariums. In addition, Exo Terra Scorpion Light does not interfere with the temperature gradient of the terrarium and the terrarium temperature remains constant. Exo Terra Scorpion Light features 15 high quality special LEDs that have an incredibly long life. The terrarium night lighting is also very easy to install - thanks to the self-adhesive holder.

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