Exo Terra Incubator (Breeder)

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Reliability and functionality: EXO TERRA INCUBATOR! A true jack-of-all-trades among the electric breeders for reptile eggs.

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  • Hochwertiger Inkubator mit digitaler Temperaturkontrolle
  • Heizt und kühlt - ideal zum Überwintern von Reptilien
  • Inkubator mit zwei herausziehbaren Funktionsebenen - auch für mehrere Gelege geeignet
  • Mit Beleuchtung und hellem LED-Display
  • Zusätzlicher 12-Volt-Autoanschluss für maximale Mobilität

Exo Terra Incubator (Breeder) - multifunctional thermoelectric incubator for reptile eggs

The Exo Terra incubator (breeder) is definitely a small technical revolution and a miracle of functionality. The Exo Terra Incubator (Breeder) works on the thermoelectric principle, which ensures that this multifunction device can not only warm but also cool - the digital temperature control ensures that inside the Exo Terra Incubator (Breeder) there are always exactly the desired temperatures. The Exo Terra Incubator (Breeder) works extremely reliably in a temperature range between 4° C and 60° C - making the Exo Terra Incubator (Breeder) perfect both for incubating reptile eggs and for overwintering various reptile species such as turtles. The current temperature in the Exo Terra Incubator is indicated by a bright, easy-to-read LED display - so you are always informed about the thermal conditions in the Exo Terra Incubator and can quickly regulate if necessary.

The Exo Terra Incubator (Breeder) is designed to meet professional needs and has a host of practical features that make working with the incubator a breeze. One of the outstanding features of the Exo Terra incubator (breeder) is in any case the ingenious possibility of operating the breeder simply via a 12 V car socket. If you want to transport reptiles or reptile eggs perfectly air-conditioned - no problem! Whether from or to the terrarium exchange or to the veterinarian - with the Exo Terra incubator (breeder) you get a perfect solution, with which you are independent of the power grid. The generously dimensioned interior (internal dimensions of the incubator: 25.7 cm x 23 cm x 33.5 cm) of the Exo Terra Incubator (breeder) gives you many possibilities and leaves nothing to be desired. The Exo Terra incubator makes it easy to incubate several clutches at the same time. The Exo Terra Incubator has two pull-out trays and a condensation tray that allows you to optimally adjust the humidity in the incubator. Outstanding: You always have the eggs or wintering reptiles in view! A transparent door and manually switchable lighting ensure maximum control of the Exo Terra incubator. Perfect: The Exo Terra Incubator (Breeder) is equipped with a reliable insulation that allows even a short interruption of the power supply without damaging reptile eggs or reptiles in the incubator. Apropro's power supply: With a maximum power consumption of only 65 watts in full heating mode, the electricity costs for this top incubator are kept within absolute limits. Sturdy and secure carrying handles ensure that the incubator is easy to transport. Most importantly, unlike many other incubators of this type, the Exo Terra Incubator's noise level is minimal - the incubator's operating noise is pleasantly quiet and will never cause you sleepless nights. All important functional elements are optimally positioned, making operation of the incubator much easier - the on/off switch is conveniently located on the front of this incubator, for example, and the temperature setting functions simply at the touch of a button. This is well thought out and reliable terrarium technology as it should be.

The Exo Terra Incubator comes with two egg boxes for the incubation of reptile eggs. With external dimensions of 17 cm x 11.5 cm x 5 cm, these are perfect for almost all clutch sizes. The special material is dishwasher safe and even suitable for microwaves to sterilize the egg boxes before incubating the reptile eggs!

Digital and highly reliable temperature control with the Exo Terra Incubator significantly reduces the loss of reptile eggs and increases your personal success in reptile breeding. In addition, the Exo Terra incubator (breeder) pleases by its solid workmanship and the high-quality materials - cleaning is with this breeder for reptile eggs a problem-free venture. Top quality and best usability - you get all this with the Exo Terra incubator (breeder) at an absolute savings price.

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