Exo Terra Grasshoppers XL (grasshoppers)

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Extra large grasshoppers as food insects: EXO TERRA GRASSHOPPERS XL! For the very big hunger.

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  • Keine Mogelpackung, hier sind wirklich richtig große Heuschrecken-Monster in der Dose
  • 100%iger Nährstoffgehalt wie bei lebenden Heuschrecken
  • Sehr lange haltbar und wiederverschließbarer Deckel
  • Bessere Verwertbarkeit kollagener Eiweiße als bei lebenden Heuschrecken

Exo Terra Grasshoppers XL - large grasshoppers

Exo Terra Grasshoppers XL (grasshoppers) are especially large grasshoppers from the tin. Ideal for larger reptiles such as monitor lizards or bearded dragons. Apart from that, the Exo Terra Grasshoppers XL also offer the usual Exo Terra quality. No additives such as flavours or preservatives, long shelf life and 100% preservation of the natural taste. Like the normal version of the Exo Terra Grasshoppers, the Grasshoppers XL are particularly durable and represent the ideal solution for the holiday care of reptiles. And of course whenever there are no live food insects at hand. For this reason alone, every reptile owner should always have an Exo Terra Grasshoppers XL emergency ration in stock.

The particularly high digestibility of the Exo Terra Grasshoppers XL should also be emphasised. The gentle cooking process, developed by Exo Terra especially for this canned food, not only makes the locusts durable for a long time. As a positive side effect, proteins of the collagen are broken down and are thus better usable for reptiles. The hard chitin armour - a frequent cause of digestive problems in reptiles - also becomes soft and easier to digest. The feeding of reptiles with Exo Terra Grasshoppers XL is done as a snack or treat for in between. And of course with every normal main meal. Particularly when reptiles are fed green fodder, some Exo Terra XL locusts are particularly welcome. Or do you like pea soup without sausage pieces?

Exo Terra Grasshoppers XL (grasshoppers) are available in a practical box with a lid and 34 grams of extra large grasshoppers.

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