Exo Terra Elevated Worm Dish Hanging Worm Food Bowl

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The perfect food bowl for tree-dwelling reptiles: EXO TERRA ELEVATED WORM DISH! With ingenious optics and easy to clean.

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  • Leicht und sicher im Terrarium zu installieren
  • Sehr hygienisch und leicht zu reinigen
  • Beste Verarbeitung und sehr robust
  • Mit wunderschöner Felsoptik

Exo Terra Elevated Worm Dish - Hanging Worm Food Bowl

Food bowls are a very practical affair in the terrarium, but some tree-dwelling reptiles persistently refuse to eat food close to the ground. The Exo Terra Elevated Worm Dish worm food bowl solves this problem elegantly and practically. This worm-feed tray is completely covered so that mealworms cannot escape from the tray into the terrarium, which is good for hygiene in the terrarium. At the same time they are clearly visible for your reptiles, which stimulates the hunting instinct and the appetite. On the other hand - and this is the ingenious feature of this optically beautiful food bowl - Exo Terra Elevated Worm Dish can be mounted at any height in the terrarium.

The installation of the Exo Terra Elevated Worm Dish worm food tray is incredibly easy thanks to the self-adhesive clip system. This allows you to attach the practical food bowl directly to the terrarium pan at the desired height in a matter of seconds. The clip is also extremely practical when you want to clean or refill the worm food tray. You can remove Exo Terra Elevated Worm Dish in no time at all. The worm food bowl consists of two parts for easy cleaning. When it comes to design, Exo Terra pulls out all the stops with this food bowl: the design is absolutely high-quality and visually ingenious - you can't tell the Exo Terra Elevated Worm Dish from real rock at first glance. You can integrate the worm food bowl wonderfully into any desert terrarium and also into all jungle terrariums. The worm food bowl is not only suitable for tree-dwelling reptiles and amphibians: The Exo Terra Elevated Worm Dish is also a very good choice for keeping rock climbing geckos and lizards.

Exo Terra Elevated Worm Dish measures 7.5 cm x 11 cm x 8.5 cm (WxHxD).

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