Exo Terra Elevated Outcrops Terrarium Rock

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An additional dimension for your terrarium: Give your reptiles completely new possibilities.

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  • Wunderschönes Felsdesign, wirkt absolut echt
  • Ideal als Schlafplatz, Sonnenplatz und Klettermöglichkeit
  • Im Handumdrehen im Terrarium montiert
  • In zwei Größen, für viele Terrarien passend

Exo Terra Elevated Outcrops - the elevated rock formation for the terrarium

The Exo Terra Elevated Outcrops are a new and absolutely brilliant idea from Exo Terra. With this raised rock formation you can add a whole new dimension to your terrarium in no time at all and offer your reptiles something very special. Of course the Exo Terra Elevated Outcrops look really good, because the design is indistinguishable from real rock. For reptiles, Exo Terra Elevated Outcrops also offers completely new possibilities in the terrarium. The elevated rock formation is an ideal place to sunbathe and is a great additional climbing opportunity. Many reptiles also use this elevated, safe place in the terrarium as a viewpoint. Some species love elevated sleeping positions, which gives reptiles an extra sense of security during the night as they feel out of reach of predators.

The Exo Terra Elevated Outcrops also make a significant contribution to the healthy thermoregulation of reptiles, because the increased position reduces the distance to heat lamps or UV lamps, so that your terrarium animals can "refuel heat" much better and absorb more vital UV radiation. Mounting the Exo Terra Elevated Outcrops is child's play: a special mounting clip ensures that you can mount the raised rock formation quickly and safely. The Exo Terra Elevated Outcrops are very easy to clean and thus contribute to the hygiene in the terrarium.

We offer the Exo Terra Elevated Outcrops in two different sizes, suitable for your terrarium.

Exo Terra Elevated Outcrops, large: 20 cm x 19 cm x 8 cm
Exo Terra Elevated Outcrops, small: 16 cm x 16 cm x 9 cm

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