Exo Terra Crickets XL (extra large crickets)

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Grilling in XL format: EXO TERRA CRICKETS XL! The really big crickets for all reptiles who are not satisfied with small snacks.

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  • Extragroße Grillen für den Reptilienhunger
  • Besser verdaubar als lebende Grillen
  • Immer verfügbar, wenn es schnell gehen muss
  • 100%iger Vitamin- und Mineraliengehalt

Exo Terra Crickets XL - large crickets

Exo Terra Crickets XL are the popular crickets from the Exo Terra box in XL format. Perfect as food for all reptiles who prefer a slightly larger bite for food insects. Of course, the Exo Terra Crickets XL have the same advantages as the full-size crickets. No addition of flavour, flavour enhancers or preservatives. Instead, 100% natural taste that many reptiles love so much about crickets. The quality of Exo Terra Crickets XL is the same as that of all canned Exo Terra insects: absolutely equivalent to live crickets in terms of nutritional value, vitamins and minerals. The feeding of live feed animals is therefore not necessary from a nutritional point of view. The good digestibility of the Exo Terra Crickets XL should also be highlighted. The gentle cooking process softens the chitin armour of the crickets and makes collagen proteins easily absorbable for reptiles.

And what is the best way to feed the Exo Terra Crickets XL? It's easy, just give the reptiles a few crickets each time they are fed. And of course this treat is also suitable as a small reward for in between. The Exo Terra Crickets XL have also proven to be particularly practical for holiday care. You don't want to burden everyone with live food insects. The Exo-Terra insects in a can are the perfect alternative, especially since these insects can also be used as sole reptile food in emergency situations when you don't have any fresh food animals at hand. One or two cans of Exo Terra Crickets XL should always be in stock for every reptile holder, as they are durable for a long time.

Exo Terra Crickets XL are supplied in a resealable tin with a capacity of 34 grams.

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