Exo Terra Crickets (Grilling)

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Full of nutritional value and particularly digestible: EXO TERRA CRICKETS! The perfect dinner for all insectivorous reptiles.

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  • So frisch und gehaltvoll wie lebende Futterinsekten
  • Dank speziellen Exo-Terra-Verfahrens leichter verdaubar als lebende Futterinsekten
  • Besonders lange haltbar und wiederverschließbarer Deckel
  • 100%iger Erhalt von Vitaminen und Mineralien

Exo Terra Crickets - Grilling as food insects

Exo Terra Crickets - the rich crickets fresh from the can. Food insects for canned reptiles? Yes, you read right! The Exo Terra Crickets provide reptile owners with fresh crickets at all times. Thus one is independent of the supply with living feed insects. The Exo Terra Crickets can be used as an absolutely equivalent replacement for live feed animals. This is due to the particularly gentle cooking process used here for canning. This has enabled Exo Terra to preserve the full natural flavour of the crickets. What's more, you completely dispense with preservatives, artificial flavours or other ingredients. Exo Terra Crickets contain nothing more than pure barbecues. And, of course, nutritional values, vitamins and minerals are 100% preserved in this process, which benefits the health of all reptiles. Exo Terra Crickets (crickets) are more digestible and easier to digest than live food insects. What's the matter with you? Well, through the gentle cooking the chitin armour is softened and the proteins of the collagen fibres are broken down. This not only makes Exo Terra crickets more digestible for reptiles, but also facilitates collagen absorption. Collagen is important for healthy growth in all reptiles. It is a component of skin, bones and claws and thus ensures a healthy and fit body of the terrarium animals.

Exo Terra Crickets are supplied in a resealable 34 gram tin.

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