Exo Terra Aquatic Turtle Pellets for adult turtles

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Delicious and healthy: EXO TERRA AQUATIC TURTLE PELLETS FOR ADULT TURTLES! Rich in nutrients and with many important vitamins.

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  • Mit optimalen Zusätzen von Multi-Vitaminen, Mineralstoffe und Aminosäuren
  • Gammarus-Garnelen für perfekten Geschmack
  • Pellets können einfach aus dem Wasser entfernt werden
  • Spezielle Futterdose für besonders lange Frische

Exo Terra Aquatic Turtle Pellets for adult turtles - rich in nutrients and vitamins

Adult turtles also need a species-appropriate, healthy diet to stay healthy in the long term and with the high-quality micro pellets they get everything they need. Exo Terra Aquatic Turtle Pellets are enriched with Gammarus shrimps, which are particularly popular with turtles. In addition, there is a very high content of important minerals, multi-vitamins and healthy amino acids. With the Exo Terra Aquatic Turtle Pellets, you can ensure a species-appropriate and optimum development of water turtles - and permanently. The construction of a hard, healthy shell is only possible with plenty of calcium and turtles also need a lot of vitamin D3, so that the calcium can be utilised. The Exo Terra Aquatic Turtle Pellets contain everything you need and the feed pellets are easy to digest. Highly developed yeast extracts support the digestion of your turtles. Exo Terra Aquatic Turtle Pellets is a real "clean food", because the micro pellets are floatable and non-eaten pellets can be taken out of the water quickly and easily. This keeps the aquatic terrarium clean at all times. A particularly gentle manufacturing process ensures that no important nutrients are lost in Exo Terra Aquatic Turtle Pellets. That makes this premium turtle food even more valuable.

The Exo Terra Aquatic Turtle Pellets are located in a sophisticated aroma can. The practical screw cap is bomb-proof and the food can is impervious to light. This ensures that no vitamins or amino acids can be destroyed and the Exo Terra Aquatic Turtle Pellets remain crisp and tasty to the last serving. This must be good food for turtles.


Our high-quality Exo Terra Aquatic Turtle Pellets for adult turtles are available in 3 package sizes:

- Exo Terra Aquatic Turtle Pellets for adult turtles - 250 grams
- Exo Terra Aquatic Turtle Pellets for adult turtles - 530 grams

Exo Terra Aquatic Turtle Adult is a complete food for adult water and swamp turtles such as Red-cheeked ornamental turtles, humpback turtles, forest tortoises, etc..

feeding recommendation: Feed the amount that the turtles can eat within five minutes twice a day. Remove any food that has not been eaten after one hour with a net. Offer your turtles Exo Terra shrimps or canned fish for a change. Tip: Use Exo Terra Biotize to ensure an optimal environment for your turtles.

Composition: vegetable by-products, cereals, fish and fish by-products, glycerol, oils and fats, vegetable protein extracts, vegetables, molluscs and crustaceans (gammarus shrimps 3%), minerals, algae, lecithins, yeasts (yeast extract 1%).
Additives per kg: nutritional additives: vitamin A 20 IU, vitamin D3 10 IU, E1 (iron) 620 mg, E2 (iodine) 4.0 mg, E3 (cobalt) 3.0 mg, E4 (copper) 80 mg, E5 (manganese) 105 mg, E6 (zinc) 140 mg, E8 (selenium) 1.7 mg: antioxidant.
Analytical components: Protein: 25%, fat content: 5%, crude fibre: 8%, inorganic material: 11%, moisture: 13%.

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