Elstein infrared heaters for terrariums

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Thousandfold proven top product: ELSTEIN INFRARED HEAT RADIATORS! Increases the air temperature in the terrarium and creates local heat spots.

Only suitable for additional supply (UV/heat) for pets. This illuminant is not suitable for room lighting in the household.

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  • Super langlebig mit bis zu 8.000 Stunden Lebensdauer
  • Ideal für Feucht-Terrarien und tropische Reptilien, da spritzwassergeschützt
  • Vier verschiedene Wattstärken - für jede Terrariengröße
  • Wohlige Wärme im Terrarium zum Sparpreis
  • Wärmt sehr stark ohne z. B. Nachts durch Licht zu stören

Elstein infrared heaters for terrariums

Elstein spotlights are top-quality products that have been tried and tested a thousand times over and do not enjoy an impeccable reputation in the terrarium sector by accident. This is not least due to the fact that Elstein emitters were originally developed for applications in human medicine and the food industry. Accordingly, the workmanship and quality of these radiant heaters are simply impressive and the product standard is exemplary. This makes itself noticed in the terrarium not least in the unbelievable life span of the Elstein emitters! With Elstein radiators, up to 8,000 operating hours are not uncommon even in continuous operation under the toughest conditions in the terrarium - other terrarium heat radiators often do not even half the job here. And that is not all, because Elstein emitters are insensitive to splash water. Thus an Elstein emitter is also a very good choice in a paludarium or aqua-terrarium. Elstein radiators are also incredibly inexpensive for such a high-quality ceramic radiator - the fact that these radiant heaters have such a long service life ensures that their use in the terrarium pays off quickly.

And what exactly is a ceramic radiator? Ceramic radiators belong to the group of long-wave infrared radiators, which means that this type of radiator does not emit any visible light in the terrarium. Why is that important? Well, if you also want to generate heat in the terrarium at night, then the normal day-night rhythm of reptiles should not be disturbed. The radiant heater should therefore only generate terrarium heat and not keep your terrarium protégés "on their toes" by unnatural night lighting. Elstein radiators are perfectly suited for this purpose - they belong to the group of so-called black radiators that exclusively emit invisible heat radiation. Thus Elstein emitters are the perfect means to control the temperature in the terrarium optimally. Because the emitted heat is focused, i.e. bundled, by the Elstein radiator, an Elstein radiator is ideally suited to create a local zone in the terrarium which is heated particularly strongly - a real warming place which terrarium animals can then visit if necessary. At the same time, however, the temperature in the entire terrarium is noticeably increased, so that the Elstein radiator functions as the right terrarium heater here. In addition to the long service life, variable use is one of the major advantages of Elstein emitters in the terrarium. And Elstein emitters are not only in the Terraristik highly in demand - also with the bird attitude in aviaries one relies gladly on the ingenious thermal power of the Elstein emitters!


Please note: Use ceramic infrared terrarium lamps only in suitable ceramic sockets and with protective grids - the direct surface temperature is very high!

You can obtain the Elstein radiator from us in four different power ratings - suitable for the size of your terrarium:

Elstein Infrared heater for terrariums, 60 Watt
Elstein Infrared heater for terrariums, 100 Watt
Elstein Infrared heater for terrariums, 150 Watt
Elstein Infrared Heater for Terrariums, 250 Watt

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