Dragon Xaxim Set

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The basis for the individual terrarium decoration: DRAGON XAXIM SET! Pure natural products with wonderful design possibilities.

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  • 100 % reine Natur
  • Für eine absolut individuelle Terrariendekoration
  • Bemoost und bewächst in feuchten Terrarienumgebungen von selbst
  • Ausreichend für ca. 0,5 qm Fläche

Xaxim is a product made of tropical tree ferns, which - provided the right humidification and lighting in the terrarium - grows with mosses, ferns and lichens, which creates an incredibly beautiful optical effect in the terrarium. The Xaxim contains a natural extra, namely the seeds and spores of different ferns, mosses or other plants that have accumulated inside the Xaxim pieces. This green heart of the Xaxim is then gradually brought to life in the terrarium. The Xaxim pieces begin to grow after about 2 to 3 months. Especially amphibians, e.g. poison dart frogs, prefer Xaxim, because this material and the mosses growing on it keep the humidity especially long. In general, Xaxim is suitable for all types of rainforest terrariums.

This great Xaxim set consists of numerous large, medium and small Xaxim plate pieces and a portion of Xaxim litter. Based on the different Xaxim pieces you can create your own decoration in the rainforest terrarium, where you can let your creativity run wild. For example, you can decorate the back walls of terrariums, cover the side walls naturally or make plant trays disappear behind the natural decoration. The supplied Xaxim litter is ideal for filling in gaps or flocking cable ducts and transitions to make them virtually invisible. You can easily attach the individual Xaxim pieces with terrarium silicone.

And don't worry: The Xaxim you receive in this set is not taken directly from nature and thus does not harm the rainforests. The Xaxim we offer comes from sustainable plantation management - here no rainforest is cleared and no damage is done to nature.

Another tip for the greening of the Xaxim pieces: It is often recommended by "experts" to water the Xaxim pieces over a longer period of time before placing them in the terrarium. In our experience, you can save yourself this because the effect is zero and there is no accelerated growth. The motto of Xaxim is "patience and regularity". Spray the Xaxim in the terrarium regularly and ensure permanent moisture. As soon as the first mosses have formed on the Xaxim, you can make less effort, because they now store the moisture and promote the further growth of the Xaxim all by themselves.

The material contained in this Xaxim set is sufficient for lining a total area of approx. 0.5 sqm.

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