Dragon Wetbox

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The ideal moulting aid for many reptiles: DRAGON WETBOX! Very attractive design and made of natural stone.

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  • Wetbox made of real natural stone
  • Two parts, for especially easy handling
  • Optimally supports the moult of reptiles
  • Deliverable in three attractive colours
  • Made in Germany

Dragon Wetbox - perfect for moulting reptiles

Regular moulting can lead to problems with some reptiles in the terrarium and with the Dragon Wetbox you can quickly and effectively remedy them. The Dragon Wetbox is also a very attractive piece of terrarium decoration. What is a wetbox for? Wetboxes specifically support the moulting of reptiles by offering terrarium animals a zone with a more humid climate. Often the air humidity in the terrarium is too low, so that the animals can moult themselves only with difficulty, particularly since the dry air provides for a drying out of the old skin, so that this skin can tear fast, which makes the moult more difficult. The Dragon Wetbox ensures that reptile skin remains moist and elastic, which promotes effortless moulting. The Dragon Wetbox is simply filled with damp terrarium moss. A wet box should always be well moist, but never be completely wet.

The filling of the Dragon Wetbox with terrarium moss is especially easy, as you can simply remove the wetbox lid. The Wetbox itself was made of high-quality natural stone, which was glued with natural resin. Lacquers or other chemicals are not used here. Nevertheless, the cleaning the Dragon Wetbox is as easy as pie - the robust material is even dishwasher safe. In addition, the Dragon Wetbox is pleasantly heavy and cannot be knocked over by reptiles.

Dragon Wetboxes are manufactured in Germany and are handcrafted unique pieces. Due to the fascinating natural look, the wetbox can be used in any type of terrarium and is an absolute optical highlight. You can get your Dragon Wetbox from us in three different rock types: Sandstone, Granite and Lava Rock.

The Dragon Wetboxes have the following outer dimensions: height approx. 17 cm, width approx. 14 cm, depth approx. 17 cm
The internal dimensions are: height approx. 10 cm, width approx. 12 cm, depth approx. 12 cm
The weight of the Dragon Wetbox for lava rock and granite is approx. 1.2 kg. Sandstone is a bit heavier with about 1,35 kg.

Please note: The Dragon Wetboxes are handmade unique pieces, so we can only give approximate dimensions here. The wet boxes can therefore differ optically from the wet boxes shown here.

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