Dragon Termite (clayey soil)

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Brilliant: DRAGON TERMITE - the malleable substrate. Always the first choice for digging and caving reptiles or amphibians.

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  • Besonders hochwertiges Gemisch aus Lehm und Sand
  • Tunnel und Höhlen können nach dem Aushärten nicht einstürzen
  • Ideal zum Modellieren einer einzigartigen Terrarienlandschaft
  • Dragon Termite ist in drei verschiedenen Farben erhältlich

Dragon Termite - the 100% perfect substrate for digging and caving reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates and mammals

Dragon Termite is the substrate of your choice if you keep terrarium animals that like to dig or build caves. Dragon Termite Bodengrund is absolutely perfect for every cave-dwelling terrarium animal. Important for you and your reptiles or amphibians: Dragon Termite is a pure natural product and guaranteed free of harmful ingredients. That's why the eye of the terrarium keeper doesn't have to miss out: Dragon Termite is available in the reptile cosmos in three attractive colours - red, yellow or white. So you can adapt this great ground completely to the furnishing and style of your terrarium! Please bear in mind that, as is usual with natural products, slight colour deviations may occur again and again.

If you want to start modeling right away - no problem: Simply sprinkle Dragon Termite 5-8 cm high into the cleaned terrarium. Just moisten Dragon Termite and this substrate can be shaped the way you want it - the way you probably know it from moist clay. Dragon Termite hardens as it dries and the substrate can be remoistened at any time if you have new ideas for your little works of art in the terrarium. Caves, small columns or exciting rock formations - with the fantastic Dragon Termite substrate, it's no problem. What if you're not creative? Then just let your terrarium animals do it for you. You'll be surprised at the master building skills that lie dormant in your protégés. Ingenious: Every single grain of sand on this substrate is coated with clay colloids. Dragon Termite does not cause sand typical problems that you might be familiar with from sharp edged sand types. Safe for your reptiles and all other terrarium animals!

Terrarium hygiene is no problem at all with Dragon Termite substrate! Renew the substrate completely or partially, depending on the degree of soiling. Practical: Dragon Termite substrate can be combined with other substrates - so you can make your own mix here. By the way: If you want to avoid that your terrarium animals take up parts of the soil substrate during feeding, we recommend that you equip the terrarium with suitable food and water bowls. But don't worry: Dragon Termite substrate is non-toxic and will not harm your terrarium animals even if they are accidentally eaten.

Dragon Termite substrate - the ingenious, malleable substrate for the terrarium - is available in two different sizes: In the handy 5 kg bag (approx. 4 litres capacity) and in the radically inexpensive base storage package with 10 litres (approx. 15 kg) of Dragon Termite.

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