Dragon Natural Green Sphagnum Moss

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The universal substrate in top quality: DRAGON SPHAGNUM-MOOS! Ideal moisture reservoir for a perfect terrarium climate.

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  • Als Wet-Box nutzbar zur Unterstützung der Häutung
  • Wirkt Bakterienbildung entgegen
  • Speichert Wasser und erhöht die Luftfeuchtigkeit
  • Natürliches, sattes Grün für das Terrarium

Dragon Sphagnum Moss - natural, moist soil substrate

The Dragon Sphagnum moss is an all around natural substrate with a wide range of applications: The Dragon Sphagnum can turn caves and hiding places into natural wet boxes to help with moulting problems, or to hibernate turtles, snakes and other reptiles. The terrarium moss has special antibacterial and antibiotic properties! In addition, the Natural Green Moss stores a lot of water, which has a positive effect on the air humidity and thus the overall climate in the terrarium. Not only for reptiles, but also for amphibians such as dendrobats, newts and salamanders, moss is therefore the remedy of choice for moisture regulation in the terrarium.

Those who have a deeper insight into the production processes of terrariums will know that the original colour of the Dragon Sphagnum moss is unfortunately lost during the gentle processing. Nevertheless you do not have to do without realistic looking moss! Dragon Terraristik has solved the problem with safe food colouring. Thus, the shade was again adapted to the natural Sphagnum moss colour. And this colour tone simply blends perfectly into already finished terrariums. The Natural Green Moos is a perfect complement and gives your terrarium equipment a very special touch - visually as well as practically. Here we can rightly speak of a perfect terrarium floor. You will receive a pressed 100-g briquette, which, once moistened, produces approx. 5 litres of loose green moss.

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