Dragon Natural Cork Bark, flat

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The natural alternative for terrarium decoration: DRAGON NATURAL CORK BARK, FLAT! Optically very attractive and free of harmful substances.

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  • Natural cork from sustainable cultivation
  • Without lacquers or chemical additives
  • Does not mold in the terrarium
  • Available in three sizes

Dragon Natural Cork Bark, flat - attractive natural decoration for all terrariums

If you want to decorate your terrarium in a natural way, you should definitely take a look at the Dragon Natural Cork Bark. These cork pieces originate from the bark of the cork oak and due to their arched shape they serve as shelter and cave for smaller reptiles and other terrarium animals at the same time. Dragon's Natural Cork Bark is not further treated after cleaning and is free of harmful substances. Each piece of Dragon Natural Cork Bark is unique from nature. The natural cork bark is ideal for the stylish decoration of desert terrariums and rainforest terrariums. Cork offers some advantages in the terrarium. Cork bark is rot-free and does not form mould even in humid terrarium environments, thanks to the natural protective substances in the cork. This is how you can improve hygiene in your terrarium with Dragon Natural Cork Bark.

You will receive our Dragon Natural Cork Bark, flat in three different versions with the following dimensions and weights:

Dragon Natural Cork Bark, flat, small:
length: approx. 20 cm, width: approx. 10 cm, height: approx. 5 cm
weight: approx. 0.1 - 0.2 gram
Dragon Natural Cork Bark, flat, medium:
length: approx.50 cm, width: approx. 15 cm, height: approx. 5 cm
weight: approx. 0,3 - 0,6 kg
Dragon Natural Cork Bark, flat, large:
length: approx. 80 cm, width: approx. 25 cm, height: approx. 5 cm
Weight: approx. 1.0 - 3.0 kg

Please note: Dragon Natural Cork Bark is a unique from nature, therefore we can only give approximate dimensions here. Your natural cork bark may also differ optically from the products shown here.

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