Dragon Jelly Food (Beetle Jelly)

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100 % fruit and healthy nutrient content for gourmets: DRAGON JELLY FOOD (BEETLE JELLY)! Vitamin and fruit jelly for reptiles, spiders, insects and small animals.

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  • Ausschließlich aus natürlichem Fruchtkonzentrat mit hohem Gehalt an Vitaminen, Mineralien und Nährstoffen
  • Sieben (!) verschiedene Geschmacksrichtungen für Abwechslung und individuelle Bedürfnisse von Reptilien
  • Nektarfressende Reptilien und andere Schleckermäuler stürzen sich wie verrückt auf das Jelly Food
  • Lange haltbar und einfach zu dosieren

Jelly Food by Dragon Terraristik - best Beetle Jelly for reptiles

Jelly Food (also called Beetle Jelly) is a special vitamin fruit jelly for reptiles, arachnids and insects as well as small mammals and ornamental birds. Jelly Food (Beetle Jelly) is particularly popular as a food among owners of exotic beetles. Jelly Food is used in terraristics as main and supplementary food for many types of reptiles. Nectar-eating Phelsumen or lizards like Jelly Food just as much as carnivorous reptiles. The secret of Dragon Jelly Food products is simply their diversity. There is something for every taste and every reptile. There are no less than seven flavours to choose from. Jelly Food Yellow Banana, for example, is a favorite of day geckos. Jelly Food White Protein is a protein-containing delicacy and is preferred by lizards, lizards and other reptiles that also eat insects or meat. Of course, this variety of Jelly Food is ideal for feeding young or weakened reptiles. Jelly Food (Beetle Jelly) offers an all-round supply of important nutrients, minerals, vitamins and trace elements. It goes without saying that only natural fruit concentrate is used; you will not find any other fillers or additives in Dragon Jelly Food.

We also liked the easy handling and dosing of Dragon Jelly Food. This Beetle Jelly is durable for a long time and can easily be given in between. Remove the protective foil from the bowl, place the Jelly Food in the Jelly Food Rock and you're done! Treat your reptiles, arachnids or other animals to Jelly Food as a healthy treat in the terrarium - thanks to the seven different varieties, no tasty boredom is guaranteed!

The following varieties of Dragon Jelly Food are available:

Jelly Food White Protein - the Extra Portion of Protein
Jelly Food Yellow Banana - natural banana taste
Jelly Food Orange Pineapple - fruity pineapple
Jelly Food Violet Grape - genuine grape flavour
Jelly Food Green Melon - Melon Flavor
Jelly Food Brown Candy - The Extra Portion of Carbohydrates

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