Dragon irrigation system and irrigation set

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Professional technology for the domestic terrarium: DRAGON IRRIGATION SYSTEM AND IRRIGATION SET! Incredibly powerful and equipped with many useful accessories.

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  • Erzeugt 3 bar Druck - versorgt bis zu 20 Düsen gleichzeitig
  • Umfangreiches Zubehör für maximale Funktionsvielfalt im Terrarium
  • Kinderleicht im Terrarium zu installieren - inkl. Montagewerkzeug
  • Professionelles Beregnungssystem zum genialen Preis

Dragon irrigation system and irrigation set

The Dragon irrigation system has proved to be the absolute winner in the reliable humidification of terrariums of all sizes - and rightly so! In terms of the performance and quality of the individual components, the Dragon irrigation system is without question in the highest class. The completely sealed pump is so powerful that it allows a pressure of 3 bar and supplies up to 20 irrigation nozzles - no other irrigation system in this favourable price class can do that and even large terrariums can be optimally supplied here. Beside the normal spray nozzles, which are responsible for the generation of the fine rain in the terrarium with their spray angle of 180°, also so-called drip nozzles are present in the irrigation set, with which you can water not only terrarium plants directly. In addition, drip nozzles are wonderfully suitable for creating drip troughs in the terrarium, which are vital for all reptiles that do not touch stagnant water - chameleons, for example, and many amphibian species. Otherwise, the equipment of the Dragon irrigation system is more than generous in every respect: In addition to a water tank with a volume of 6 litres, everything is included. Connectors, end plugs, shut-off valves, flexible hose and even the necessary assembly tools. With the Dragon irrigation system you can supply not only large terrariums, but also several terrariums at the same time! And if you look at the incredibly low price, then you immediately know why this high-performance irrigation system is so popular.

One thing is clear: The decision for a Dragon irrigation system is also a conscious decision for more health and better husbandry conditions for reptiles. Especially rain forest terrariums deserve their name only when there are quasi natural conditions and the vitality as well as the natural behaviour of reptiles and amphibians are perfectly stimulated with the use of an irrigation system. And we can definitely assure you of one thing: The optical effect that an irrigation system creates in your terrarium is incomparable and a real spectacle!

Here is an overview of all components of the Dragon irrigation system for you:

- Powerful pump with connection cable and switch
- 2 meter suction hose
- Water tank with 6 litre volume
- 10 meter flexible hose (6 mm diameter)
- 4 L-pieces
- 2 shut-off valves
- 2 cross pieces
- 4 End plugs with thread
- 10 drip nozzles for plants or drip troughs
- 10 spray nozzles with 180° spray angle for rain generation
- 6 hose fixings with suction cup
- assembly tool
- assembly instruction

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