Dragon Flat-Mat Heating Mat

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Ultra thin: DRAGON FLAT-MAT - Heating mat for terrariums and paludariums. Top processed and to fasten at any place!

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  • Lässt sich überall am Terrarium befestigen
  • Hochwertig verarbeitet und aus wasserfestem Material
  • Kinderleichte Montage unter dem Terrarium möglich
  • Top-Heizmatte für alle Terrariendimensionen - in 6 Größen erhältlich
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Dragon Flat-Mat - ultra thin heating mat for terrariums and paludariums

Heating mats are the means of choice when it comes to the right temperature in the terrarium or paludarium. Heating mats help to allow temperature gradients in the terrarium so that reptiles can choose between warm and cooler zones. Just as is the case in their natural habitats. Good conditions for a species-appropriate reptile husbandry. The Dragon Flat-Mat belongs to the ultra-thin heating mats. Of course, this does not mean that you have to worry about the Dragon Flat-Mat heating mat's performance being impaired. On the contrary! Dragon Flat-Mat heating mats are perfectly suited for temperature generation in the terrarium. Due to the flat construction you can easily attach the Dragon Flat-Mat heating mat to the back of the terrarium. Of course it is also possible to attach the Dragon Flat-Mat heating mat to a terrarium side wall. The heating mats are suitable for all terrarium types and offer you maximum flexibility. With a length of 150 cm, the heating mat has a particularly long supply line!

A great detail of these heating mats: The spacers supplied with the Dragon Flat-Mat heating mat ensure that there is no damage to the terrarium. Simply attach the spacers between the terrarium glass and the heating mat and thermal or mechanical stresses are no longer an issue! Safe, simple and ingenious. Incidentally, the processing of these high-quality heating mats is also ingenious: Dragon Flat-Mat heating mats are made of 100 % waterproof material and are extremely robust against any stress that can lurk in everyday terrarium life. As a heat source for reptiles, amphibians and all invertebrates (scorpions, tarantulas, praying mantises, etc.) the Dragon Flat-Mat heating mat is a good choice in any case. Terrarium animals have the possibility to regulate their own temperature by using a heating mat. This is the only way to keep reptiles healthy in the terrarium. The right heat ensures optimal metabolism and active terrarium animals. Under no circumstances should the entire terrarium be covered with heating mats. Heating mats create local heat islands in the terrarium, which can be visited by the terrarium animals if necessary.

Temperature: The heating mat generates a surface temperature of approx. 42° C directly (!) on the surface of the mat. This is a guide value, as the temperature is strongly dependent on the ambient temperature, ventilation, substrate and other properties. As the distance to the mat increases (just a few centimetres are enough) the temperature drops accordingly. In this way, the desired temperature in the local heat zone for reptiles can be set precisely. For example, glue the mat to the back wall and reptiles can then independently select the preferred temperature they need by adjusting the distance to the back wall.

Our practical Dragon Flat-Mat heating mats are available in 6(!) different sizes. Here you will definitely find the right heating mat for your needs and your terrarium size.

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